23 August 2017 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Mindset. Success. Positivity. Profits.

Each a key ingredient of a lucrative business.

I believe the mindset comes first and everything else comes after. First, we have to fight what’s called the Air War. These are the battles that go on inside our minds that can hold us back from reaching our true greatness. Once we’ve mastered that we can have great results out in the Ground War, which is where the implementation happens and where you’ll reap the results.

My good friend Christian Mickelsen, and #1 best-selling author of “Get Clients Today”, says “What we believe determines how we feel and what actions we take. If we believe that we can grow a successful business, look fit, or find true love, it’s much more likely to happen than if we believe that we can’t do it.”

This positive thinking or mindset work does have one debilitating weakness and that is the “disbeliefs” that try to sneak in. You must address these disbeliefs before they undermine your success.

Christian explains it like this. “You see, “positive thinking” is correct in the sense that you’re more likely to succeed with positive thoughts. But if deep down a part of you believes in the negative thoughts, and you just keep trying to flood your mind with the positive without ever addressing the negative, you’re self-sabotaging.”

He then recommends we ask our self “Where did this old thought pattern come from?” and “what am I really afraid of?”

Take a pause with this one question in mind. Do some work on your mindset. It’s well worth it, promise.

“The more we can just be with these feelings, the less negativity will creep into our minds,” Christian explains.

Stay present, in the moment…this may not resolve itself in one sitting. Baby steps. You’re going to experience improvements every step of the way.

Are you ready to achieve more powerful results from your mindset?

The biggest advantage in my business growth has come from being among people who share goals similar to my own. They’re achieving what I want to achieve. They’re making big leaps forward where I seek improvement.

And today that’s my prescription for you. Put yourself in the prime position to conquer your mindset and join business owners with the same priority!

To do this look to programs you’re currently enrolled in and seek a thought partner, or accountability buddy. This is something we highly encourage this in all our training programs. You can find great collaboration partners in networking events and focused Facebook groups.

There are a plethora of possibilities waiting for you!

18 August 2017 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

As entrepreneurs, we’re changing the world. Together we’re creating new jobs in every market. We’re improving the lifestyles of our customers and most importantly, we’re doing our passion work.

There is one key ingredient that drastically impacts our business success: Productivity. Without it our goals slip away, our profits decline and our passions fade with frustration.

Productivity is on the decline, recently here in the US productivity has dropped to less than 1%! While this may be shocking there are steps we can take to ensure this trend doesn’t affect our businesses.

How we invest our time is a conscious choice. We control our calendars. We control who we say Yes and No to. Reminder, it’s ok to say no sometimes <3   So how do we use the disciple of productivity to increase sales and grow our businesses?

As entrepreneurs, we create exponential growth when we increase efficiency aka productivity. Here are 3 ways we’ve increased the productivity of my company that generates over 7-figures annually.

We implemented this tool company-wide across all departments for a few key reasons. One of the biggest being cross-departmental collaboration. Here’s an example: Our Mastermind Team, the amazing leaders supporting our year long Sales Authenticity and Success Mastermind, often need support from our Marketing Team. This could be projects; to create assets, webpages, graphics, and advertisements. When two departments come together like this we can use Slack check-in on the status of projects by tagging the team members involved in the project.

Focused Team Meetings
Meetings don’t have be boring or humongous, quite the contrary. On a weekly basis, we have several small department meeting. Teams check in with each other and ensure everyone has what they need. They ensure projects are moving forward while also looking ahead at upcoming objectives and key metrics we’re striving for.

Big Rocks and Tiny Pebbles
Both big goals and the actions to get there are vital for business growth. We lock in our biggest events and marketing objectives on the calendar first. This gives us a roadmap to follow as we begin to break those big rocks into tiny pebble actions.

While tools are great, they are just part of improving productivity. They support us in getting more down, improving communication and hitting milestones. But, it goes a bit deeper than that. Distractions and interruptions are a big productivity killer. They cause undo stress while zapping your energy and focus!

You can gain back time! With simple tweaks to what you do every day, this can get better for you and your company.

I love my friend Bill Baren’s new book where he’s sharing the exact methods he used to double his productivity every day! It’s called “The Business Owner’s Guide to Lucrative Productivity

He’s uncovered the 5 biggest challenges entrepreneurs face, PLUS his solution to each of them. I printed out the digital version and let me tell you I have my notes and high payoff activities written all over this masterpiece.

Take back the reins of your productivity! You’ve got this!

20 July 2017 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

What if I could give you access to the roadmap that would literally lead you to financial freedom and all you had to do was get in your car and merge onto the highway? Would you believe it? Would you be jumping at the chance to peek at the map?

Well, I’ll tell you that such a map DOES indeed exist and I’ll share how one entrepreneur used it to drive her business earnings to $4 million in five years.

Dr. Venus, founder of the Black Women’s Millionaires Movement, has been a long-time student of mine. She recently told me that, of all the resources she’s received from our work together, one teaching stands out as the most important in her entrepreneurial toolbox. This tool is the roadmap, I call Tic-Tac-Dough, and you too can learn how to use it to up your business game during my upcoming Event Profit Secrets 2.0 training.

“Tic-Tac-Dough tells you what to say during events, where to plug it in the schedule, when to make your offer, where to put your speakers on the agenda. It’s like a roadmap to money,” explained Dr. Venus. “I don’t ever have to force a sale. I just need to lay out an offer that shows the value and let the formula and Lisa’s structure do its work.”

With Tic-Tac-Dough, the potential exists for any business owner to add zeros to their business earnings. In fact, some students report making quantum leaps in their businesses, and going from 50K or 100K to finally breaking 7-figures. Simply put it’s a plug-in-play one-page document that helps plan every aspect of an event to ensure that profits and the attendee experience are maximized. It sets you up to leave your attendees hungry for the programs you offer. It sets the path that leads them to enrolling in your high-end mentorship, mastermind, coaching, or certification programs.

“I know people who’ve gone into debt doing events. But with Tic-Tac-Dough, you see that the event pays for itself. You’re given everything you need to fill the event, pick the speakers, and make the offer. It’s a whole methodology for pre- and post-event strategies and everything in between that totally demystifies the process so you don’t go into debt to make money.”

And results speak for themselves. With the high ticket clients she gains at live events, Dr. Venus supports her lifestyle and business for an entire year. She primarily focuses on such events and her business has grown dramatically since she made the leap from her former life as a tenured professor into a full blown entrepreneur.

“When I first started, I was so scared. I wanted it to work so I was trying to do it right. Trying to do it right made me stiffer which made me more scared,” Dr. V says. “When I used the Tic-Tac-Dough structure, I realized it would hold me, it would carry me, and it gave me the room to be myself.”

This personalization is how Dr. V discovered the key to successfully utilizing Tic-Tac-Dough. While it is a proven structure that lays out step-by-step resources for you to plan your events and get butts-in-seats (this is a real industry term called BIS for short, can you believe that!?), what makes this template incredible is that it can be personalized for any service or transformational content you are offering your specific clientele.

“I am myself at my events. I cry, I curse, I pray, and sometimes all in the same breath. My people get it because the structure allows me to be self-expressed without having to worry about making a powerful offer. That’s the thing. The structure gives you freedom. It doesn’t constrain you. There’s a lot of room for creativity and I would encourage people to have fun with it.”

At her live events she isn’t selling her content. She’s offering more intimate and deeper access to herself and her work. The best way to communicate to the audience what it’s like to work with her is the authenticity she’s able to share from the stage, due in part to Tic-Tac-Dough’s flexible structure. Ultimately, it allows the confidence to make a high-ticket offer.

Dr. V does offer some words of advice on how to let go and trust yourself around such customization. “You have to be willing to try and use your own expressions inside of the structure. You have to tell the structure how to breathe versus the structure telling you how to breathe.”

The neat thing is that once you’ve mastered using Tic-Tac-Dough for your event planning, it becomes a living, breathing historical record and serves as a guide to tweaking and continually improving your future events. You can look back at each event you structure and review the outcomes to learn what works and what doesn’t with your particular audience.

“I’ve tweaked it. I’ve changed it. I’ve done my own thing but I’ve mastered it so that it sounds like me, speaks to my audience. I put my content into her structure and that’s about as good as it gets.”

Can you imagine hosting live events as a means of totally supporting yourself for an entire year? Can you see yourself connecting more deeply with your clients, spreading your message and good works further, and living the life you dream of? If so, I invite you to join my upcoming Income Accelerator Online Workshop. I’d love to show you what’s possible when you stand in your authenticity and feel confident making your irresistible offer.

28 June 2017 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

You’ve probably heard that “It takes money to make money”—and it’s true. But if you’re struggling to turn the profits you want to, then you may be wondering exactly where you should be investing your money to successfully grow your business.

There is a fine balance between spending and saving, and today, I’ll walk you through how to strike that balance effectively.

Here are three keys to striking the right balance between spending and saving, so you can crack the code to growth this year.

1. Invest Wisely.

This isn’t just about spending. It’s about investing wisely. It’s about making smart business decisions so your investments pay off.

As a smart, mission-driven entrepreneur, consider investing in:

  • Education and mentorship. Knowledge and the right guidance can put you in the express lane to success, financial stability, and personal freedom. Plus, a learning environment can provide new connections and spark creativity!
  • A virtual assistant. Stop doing the tasks that drain you and take time away from the powerful work you get paid for. A virtual assistant can check your phone messages, answer emails, project manage, and so on.
  • Household work. If you work from home, it’s so tempting to stop working and take “just a few minutes” to do laundry, dishes, or vacuuming. But you don’t get paid for those things! If you struggle to stick to working during working hours, hire someone to clean for you so you can spend your time and energy on tasks for which you get paid. (Plus, studies show that a clean, clutter-free space actually increases productivity!)
  • An accountant. Stop the spreadsheet madness! If you’re not an expert when it comes to taxes, income, and expenses, hire someone who is. Let the expert take care of it, so you can spend that time on revenue-generating activities.
  • Teaching. I’m talking about YOU doing the teaching! This is a time investment that will boost your credibility, force you to know what you’re teaching at expert level, and get you to confront and consider new ideas and explain things in different ways. Reach out to community learning programs or colleges in your area and get in the classroom (entrepreneur.com).
  • Reading. This is another time investment. Read everything you can get your hands on, from business focused articles to those on health and wellness. Giving your mind a break inspires creative problem solving and invigorates your work when you get back to it (entrepreneur.com).
  • Your physical health. Staying healthy is an investment in your business since your ability to work is the most essential thing to your business success. Get enough sleep. Get to the gym. Eat healthy meals. Make good choices. And for heaven’s sake, take vacations (entrepreneur.com)!
  • Networking. The personal connections you build through networking can move with you from project to project, business to business. Get to know your network personally (entrepreneur.com).

2. Raise Your “Having” Level.

We’re talking about mindset, here. Your “having” level is how much you allow yourself to have. This manifests in how much money and love you allow yourself to receive, as well as how many clients and opportunities you allow yourself to have before you unconsciously shut off the flow.

When you raise your “having” level, your new, higher level becomes the new normal. Now that you’re clear on “having” level, let’s dig in on how to raise it.

  • Claim your space. Certain rituals and practices may help you claim your space; for example, meditation, affirmations, and an active imagination can provide opportunities to shift your mindset and allow yourself to have more.
  • Claim your price. Now is the time! Understand and define the value of what you do, and what you’re offering. Set your price.
  • Surround yourself with people who are raising their “having” levels. Find a community of like-minded entrepreneurs with whom you can share encouragement, advice, and support. This community may take the form of a mastermind group.
  • Get crystal clear on what you’re offering and who you’re offering it to. When you know exactly who your ideal client is, you can focus in on the tasks that relate directly to him or her. This focus allows you to waste fewer resources while serving your ideal client at the highest possible level.

3. Take the Right Risks.

Taking risks creates action. When you take the right risks, then, you create the right action in your life and your business. If you feel like you’ve tried everything to make sales and people just aren’t buying, consider whether you’ve taken action to get the energy flowing.

For example, maybe you’ve been thinking about doing a mastermind or joining a training program. You may have also thought about painting your house.

Until you make a decision and take action, you’re not going to get people to take action and invest with you.

It’s almost like karma – it’s an energy thing!

I’m proof positive when it comes to investing in success. My business exploded in 2009 and I believe that growth resulted from the investments I made in myself.

When you do make an investment in yourself, you begin to look at things differently … and you take bigger risks that pay off.

If something is calling to you—a certain program or training or workshop—then take the risk. You, your business, and your message are worth it.

14 June 2017 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Hey it’s Lisa Sasevich here with yet another success story! If you’ve been offering your services up free of charge for one reason or another keep reading. Cindy’s story is going to inspire you to reach new levels in your business.

I’m going to hand it over to her to share about the exponential business growth she created with support and tools within the Sales, Authenticity & Success Mastermind, AKA Sassy.

What do you feel was your biggest need as an entrepreneur when you were introduced to Lisa’s products?

My greatest need when introduced to Lisa’s products was to create a prosperous livelihood I loved! I wanted to synthesize my lifetime of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and passion about helping people heal wholistically (as a “whole” being). I needed a way to articulate this information and organize it into a tangible, viable, serviceful, creative and abundant business.

What personal and professional expectations did you have when you joined the Sassy Mastermind?

Sassy was actually my lifeline that gave me HOPE for my future when I first joined. My life had been going in one direction and was turned upside-down with a car accident in Feb 2016. I didn’t know what I was going to do.

During Speak-to-Sell Live in May 2016, I resonated with the slide of the person hanging on to the trapeze (petrified to jump) yet KNOWING that was exactly what I needed to do. That was ME! Fearfully swinging nowhere… wasting time. In my heart of hearts, I made a swift and conscious decision to make the jump and trust the Universe to catch me!

It was a little intimidating at first to be sharing and masterminding with successful mission-driven entrepreneurs when I didn’t have my stuff together. My personal and professional expectation was that with the teaching tools Lisa provided and the help of such an intense, high-level mentoring group, I would figure out what my “thing” was and develop it to a real business.

The living examples of successful business owners in the group have inspired me to be and do my absolute best and have allowed me to find my “thing,” articulate it, identify my ideal clients, create my products and TAKE ACTION to make the business a reality.

How has your work grown and developed by taking part in the Sassy Mastermind?

OMGosh, this was the “kick-in-the-butt” I needed to take positive action. The accountability within this group is 100% encouraging and supportive. Lisa continuously reinforces that “structure creates success.”

Having fun supportive tools like Sassy Power Hour and Triad Masterminding after all the classes fosters an environment that is completely cooperative and not competitive with others.

I work on my business every day in all it’s myriad forms – through self-care, inspired creative writing for future blogs, Active Imagination, tangible actions in setting up the physical business entity… I’m gain efficiency even as I gain momentum!

What is the most important way you’ve incorporated Lisa’s teachings into your personal/professional life?

One of Lisa’s greatest gifts to mission-driven entrepreneurs is her powerful work around shifting the mindset from “perfectionism,” which paralyzes one from doing anything noble, to “good enough,” which gets the ball rolling and makes the heart happy because there’s actually forward movement!

I, along with so many others, have been the grateful recipient of this gift from Lisa! It released me from so much self-judgement and allowed my hidden gifts to come forth courageously and be developed! So many brilliant entrepreneurs are cruel taskmasters to themselves and the self-judgement whip is standing by ready to strike at any moment! LOL

I’ve always been a driven, high-achieving business person, so Lisa literally was the one who unlocked my self-imposed perfectionist prison door and set me free to actually move forward with “good enough.” It doesn’t mean I’ve become lax or careless. It means I get things moving, course correct and improve as I soar. As she says, “Build the plane as you fly it.”

What is a BIG project or up-level you are currently taking on in your business? What are you doing that you never dreamed possible?

Well, I just completed all my LLC paperwork (YAY!) and I’m in the process of creating the professional branding of The Health Diviner LLC with logo, graphics, photography, a beautiful website, cards, and tangible tools that really reflect my vision of presentation and my offerings.

I never thought it was possible to fearlessly step into my own empowerment. I’m rediscovering and embodying my divine magnificence and offering my unique skills for healing with confidence and success in my own “gentle warrioress” way!

Lisa Sasevich has created the most amazing program which has something for everyone – in any genre and at every level of business development. When she says that “everything you need is on Planet Sassy,” she’s not indulging her ego. It’s SO true!

The Sassy Mastermind is a “living body” of amazing souls with a diversity of skills, knowledge, experiences, and personalities all united in an environment fully supporting heart-centered entrepreneurship and one another.

I am grateful beyond words for being guided by my Heart to Planet Sassy!