14 June 2017 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Hey it’s Lisa Sasevich here with yet another success story! If you’ve been offering your services up free of charge for one reason or another keep reading. Cindy’s story is going to inspire you to reach new levels in your business.

I’m going to hand it over to her to share about the exponential business growth she created with support and tools within the Sales, Authenticity & Success Mastermind, AKA Sassy.

What do you feel was your biggest need as an entrepreneur when you were introduced to Lisa’s products?

My greatest need when introduced to Lisa’s products was to create a prosperous livelihood I loved! I wanted to synthesize my lifetime of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and passion about helping people heal wholistically (as a “whole” being). I needed a way to articulate this information and organize it into a tangible, viable, serviceful, creative and abundant business.

What personal and professional expectations did you have when you joined the Sassy Mastermind?

Sassy was actually my lifeline that gave me HOPE for my future when I first joined. My life had been going in one direction and was turned upside-down with a car accident in Feb 2016. I didn’t know what I was going to do.

During Speak-to-Sell Live in May 2016, I resonated with the slide of the person hanging on to the trapeze (petrified to jump) yet KNOWING that was exactly what I needed to do. That was ME! Fearfully swinging nowhere… wasting time. In my heart of hearts, I made a swift and conscious decision to make the jump and trust the Universe to catch me!

It was a little intimidating at first to be sharing and masterminding with successful mission-driven entrepreneurs when I didn’t have my stuff together. My personal and professional expectation was that with the teaching tools Lisa provided and the help of such an intense, high-level mentoring group, I would figure out what my “thing” was and develop it to a real business.

The living examples of successful business owners in the group have inspired me to be and do my absolute best and have allowed me to find my “thing,” articulate it, identify my ideal clients, create my products and TAKE ACTION to make the business a reality.

How has your work grown and developed by taking part in the Sassy Mastermind?

OMGosh, this was the “kick-in-the-butt” I needed to take positive action. The accountability within this group is 100% encouraging and supportive. Lisa continuously reinforces that “structure creates success.”

Having fun supportive tools like Sassy Power Hour and Triad Masterminding after all the classes fosters an environment that is completely cooperative and not competitive with others.

I work on my business every day in all it’s myriad forms – through self-care, inspired creative writing for future blogs, Active Imagination, tangible actions in setting up the physical business entity… I’m gain efficiency even as I gain momentum!

What is the most important way you’ve incorporated Lisa’s teachings into your personal/professional life?

One of Lisa’s greatest gifts to mission-driven entrepreneurs is her powerful work around shifting the mindset from “perfectionism,” which paralyzes one from doing anything noble, to “good enough,” which gets the ball rolling and makes the heart happy because there’s actually forward movement!

I, along with so many others, have been the grateful recipient of this gift from Lisa! It released me from so much self-judgement and allowed my hidden gifts to come forth courageously and be developed! So many brilliant entrepreneurs are cruel taskmasters to themselves and the self-judgement whip is standing by ready to strike at any moment! LOL

I’ve always been a driven, high-achieving business person, so Lisa literally was the one who unlocked my self-imposed perfectionist prison door and set me free to actually move forward with “good enough.” It doesn’t mean I’ve become lax or careless. It means I get things moving, course correct and improve as I soar. As she says, “Build the plane as you fly it.”

What is a BIG project or up-level you are currently taking on in your business? What are you doing that you never dreamed possible?

Well, I just completed all my LLC paperwork (YAY!) and I’m in the process of creating the professional branding of The Health Diviner LLC with logo, graphics, photography, a beautiful website, cards, and tangible tools that really reflect my vision of presentation and my offerings.

I never thought it was possible to fearlessly step into my own empowerment. I’m rediscovering and embodying my divine magnificence and offering my unique skills for healing with confidence and success in my own “gentle warrioress” way!

Lisa Sasevich has created the most amazing program which has something for everyone – in any genre and at every level of business development. When she says that “everything you need is on Planet Sassy,” she’s not indulging her ego. It’s SO true!

The Sassy Mastermind is a “living body” of amazing souls with a diversity of skills, knowledge, experiences, and personalities all united in an environment fully supporting heart-centered entrepreneurship and one another.

I am grateful beyond words for being guided by my Heart to Planet Sassy!

25 May 2017 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

When was the last time you had an unmistakably good conversation–one where you felt heard, understood, and deeply in tune with the other person? And when was the last time you walked away from a conversation feeling better than you felt before it started — intellectually stimulated, energized, and fired up?

I’m willing to bet a few meaningful experiences came to mind in a flash. Because there’s nothing quite like a good conversation to get you thinking, change your perspective on something, and create a spark of inspiration.

The best conversations stir the soul and they make us come alive. There’s a sense of intimacy we feel when engaged in good conversation that reminds us of our humanity. We’ve all experienced it and we all crave more of it.

Yet, despite how much we value and appreciate good conversations with friends, family, and the occasional stranger on an airplane, sales conversations often bring an entirely different experience to mind.

If you think effective sales conversations are slick and scripted or believe high-pressure tactics are the key to success, you’re not alone.

But the truth is, you can sell more without being salesy. And and that starts with establishing a connection through genuinely engaging conversations.

A good sales conversation is, first and foremost, a good conversation. So if you want to know one of the best ways to sell more and how to make selling easier, you better start having better conversations.

Your prospects are inundated with promotional messages that are shouting at them to buy something everywhere they turn. To break through the noise, you’ve got to be willing to make an effort to identify with them and connect heart-to-heart.

Not only are good conversations the key to increasing sales conversions, but they are also the ticket to generating more revenue for your business in the long term. You’re not just closing a sale once, you’re looking to make longer-lasting connections that generate trust from the start and pay off handsomely as customers stay with you over time.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Okay, Lisa, but exactly what am I supposed to do to improve my sales conversations?” Well, I’ll tell you — it’s easier than you might imagine. Here’s how.

Be Prepared

Do your homework. With the power of Google and social media at your fingertips a little sleuthing can go a long way. Show up with some initial insights on your prospect, and an open mind to learn more. The more you know ahead of time, the better you can prepare for the conversation and craft your irresistible offer to suit their needs.

It’s About Them (not you!)

The first order of business is to build rapport. Make your intentions clear from the outset and remember, the purpose of the conversation is to meet their needs, not yours. So be sure to show a sincere interest and use the details you picked up along the way to fuel the conversation.

Actively Listen

Active listening is one of the most valuable skills you can put into practice to increase sales conversions. The trick is not to let yourself be distracted by what you’re planning to say next while the other person is speaking. Trust me, I know this is hard for us entrepreneurs because we think a million miles a minute. Put your own thoughts to the side and stay present to what they’re saying.

Ask Great Questions (and remember the answers)

Ask fact-finding questions to take the conversation deeper and get to the bottom of your prospect’s struggles and motivators. Not only will your curiosity show that you care about what matters to them, it will give you a clear picture of their troubles, priorities, and past behaviors that will help you make an irresistible offer that speaks specifically to their current core desires.

Engage in Deeper Topics (they’re important!)

If you’re making small talk at a networking event, you can get away with having a surface-level chat. But for sales, you have to be willing to go deeper. Discover details about their values, failures, obstacles, motivations, and goals. Don’t shy away from the difficult questions or cut them short when they open up to you.

Always Keep Time Top of Mind

Powerful conversations are built on mutual respect. Show respect for your prospect’s most valuable asset — time — by setting expectations and sticking to a schedule. Show up, be present and fully aware, and give genuine support during the limited time you do have together. Always save space to wrap up the conversation with your irresistible offer and allow your prospect to come to a decision. Remember, if they truly need additional time to make a decision set a clear deadline for your next steps.

The best sales conversations happen when you drop the act and connect authentically with your prospect. Good conversation flows easily and it feels natural and comfortable, as if you’re talking to a friend. If you’re inexperienced or lack confidence some practice and the guidance here will have you off the races quickly.

Structure gives you the ability to be yourself, having amazing conversations and successfully sell your product, service or expertise. Once you shift your approach, you’ll start to welcome and enjoy connecting and serving your prospects through sales conversations and your conversions will be off the charts in no time.

20 April 2017 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

I recently came across this quote and it reminded me of my conversation with Diane Halfman, professional organizer and a student in my Sales, Authenticity & Success Mastermind, known as the “Sassy Mastermind.” Diane was recently featured in a student success story where she shared that the most important tool she gained while working with me was her UBS, or “Unique Branded System”. Your UBS is the way you do what you do to help clients achieve desired results. It’s repeatable, it’s scaleable and it doesn’t change from client to client. The best part is, the outcomes are repeatable too, which means results for your clients and more predictive income for you!

“By discovering my UBS I’ve saved hours of time saying the same information over and over. It’s a process that can actually make clients feel more comfortable, because they know I’ve got a proven system. I’m not winging it. This isn’t my first rodeo. It’s a proven system I’ve done over and over again.”

And that’s exactly the goal of identifying your UBS. It’s a roadmap of how to work with your clients so they achieve the unique transformation only you can provide. It’s the framework you use together to achieve results and as you know, I believe frameworks and systems are what drive success.

“We sometimes have in our minds that when we work individually, what we do is truly unique to that person,” Diane said. “What you realize is you say words like, ‘then you do this’ or ‘the best way to do it is this,’ and you start seeing yourself saying those things repeatedly. You recognize it truly is a formula whether you called it that before or not.”

Diane and I walked through the steps she learned in the Sales, Authenticity & Success Mastermind to develop her UBS and all the benefits she’s now reaping as a result. As I share in my teachings, to understand the UBS and it’s outcomes all you have to do is D.A.N.C.E.!

The first step is to Discover your process. I teach that this step is easier to do with someone else or even in a group so others can reflect back what they hear as you describe your process.

Diane says “Don’t censor this part at all. Basically, you want people asking questions about how you work with your clients, going deeper and deeper. Sometimes it’s going to be a mind dump to get all the steps out of your head and then you have to distil them down.”

It’s a good idea to use note cards or Post-It notes so you can move the pieces around or combine a couple of them if it makes sense. As your process begins to take shape, Aim for identifying three to seven steps. Diane advocates for five steps:

“Five feels like a complete system. Three can feel like too few and seven might feel like too much for people to remember and not follow through on. Five is the magic number.”

While drafting your steps, begin to Notice which ones must be done one-on-one and which ones you can teach to a group. For example, Diane used her UBS to create her free e-book and online programs including her virtual academy which many people can access at once.

“For people who either can’t work with me personally or are not able to invest in a higher level of VIP access, they can still receive the benefit of my system by getting it from my free book or my courses. And for the people who want to do it on their own, it’s great because, for a lower cost, they can make that happen.”

She’s now able to serve more people because she is not working one-on-one with each and every client. Diane now provides deep consultation to only a couple dozen VIP clients each year but still has a greater impact than she did before. She’s able to walk people through her process and provide the blueprint through videos, audio lessons, and checklists they can access virtually. This is perhaps the greatest gift you will receive from going through the process of laying out your own unique system.

Then once you’ve identified your steps and determined the best delivery method, it’s time to Create hooky labels. It’s important that your steps be something clients can remember and that resonates with them. If an acronym works, that’s a win too. For example, Diane offers her clients the five step RESET System (Remove, Evaluate, Systemize, Experience, and Track).

“In just those five steps, I’ve been able to give my clients the keys to start, what to do, and how to maintain an environment that inspires them.”
Your unique process must be something clients remember AND resonate with them Click To Tweet

Now you might be asking what is the benefit of all this work? Well, my friend, that’s the really neat part. The final step in the D.A.N.C.E. is to Enjoy the rewards.

“Having the online academy doesn’t take any of my time, so I’m making money without any more effort. If 50 people go through it in a year at a price point of $1,997, that’s six figures. I’ve set the foundation that supports me and I don’t have to redo that work again.”

The identifying your unique way of working with clients has too many benefits to ignore. It allows you to leverage your time, make way more money than you’d have the bandwidth for otherwise, and it provides more meaningful service to clients. Simply by bringing focused awareness to the way you work, you can magnify your contribution while creating serious passive revenue.

“You take your years of experience and all of the things that you’ve learned through your clients, through your training, through all your experiences. You cultivate this and apply your uniqueness so it can actually land on several people. Lots of people actually. It’s been such a win-win.”

So, get out on the D.A.N.C.E. floor and experience the opportunities waiting to take your hand!

For more info about the UBS, check out Your Unique Branded System and How to Find Your Unique Branded System.

14 April 2017 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

There are some real benefits to working from home. For example, for lunch sometimes, I get to eat brie on apples. This is something you can’t do in an office without being labeled as the person who brings brie to work to spread on apples.

Conversely, it’s also possible (though I’m not saying I’ve ever done this) to just eat a big spoonful of Nutella and claim that as your lunch. This is also something that will get you a reputation in your office.

It’s a double-edged sword, working from home. You are free from co-workers who will tell you that “whipped cream isn’t for breakfast,” or “you should be wearing pants”, but you can also find yourself easily distracted by the latest deal Daymond John made on Shark Tank, or admiring the stick-to-it-iveness of that spider just outside your window.

Or YouTube. Do you know about YouTube? Stay away from YouTube. Or there goes the rest of your week!

It’s not just the distractions though. Working from home can be isolating. Some people actually find sunlight or actual human interaction a benefit. Shocking, right?!

Vitamin D and talking to people can make you happier and more productive. Talking to a handprint on a volleyball makes for a great movie, but a less fulfilling life!

What can you do to enjoy all the benefits of working from home while avoiding the downsides of feeling isolated or forgetting to take a shower this week? I’m glad you asked!

Join a co-working community

Renting office space or joining a co-working community can really invigorate you. Being around people who share your interests, passions, and drive can help motivate you, give you exposure to other perspectives, and help you grow your business in ways not possible working from home. Flexible packages/prices are often available to meet your needs and budget.

Find a way to celebrate

Sure, drinking an entire bottle of wine on a Wednesday afternoon to celebrate a new client may SOUND like a great idea, but there are probably more healthy and social ways to do that. Being a part of some social media groups or forums can be a good option, as well as sharing your good news with friends and family. You’ve got to celebrate those wins! They are important.

Schedule time to take care of yourself

When you work where you live it can be tough. After all, even when you’re not working you are at work. It’s important to take care of yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Eat well. Your kitchen can just as easily provide you with something healthy as unhealthy.

Get out of the house. Go take a walk or work in a cafe. Meet a friend for lunch and talk about anything other than work.

Give yourself a quitting time and try to stick to it. Close your computer and don’t answer emails after hours.

Your brain is like the muscles in your body. Growth comes during rest. By allowing yourself to do things that you enjoy you allow your brain to more easily solve complex problems while you’ve distracted it.

And finally, come join us May 4-6 in San Diego at the Speak-to-Sell “Grow Your Business” Bootcamp.

The virtual bootcamp is amazing, but there’s something about coming together in person that helps to energize people. That’s why I include a free ticket to the event with the virtual bootcamp. Not only will you get to network with like-minded entrepreneurs, but there’s real value in disrupting your normal rhythms and routines from time-to-time to focus on you and your business.

No dinners to make, homework to check, practices to drop people off at. Just time to focus on your business.

We all know how great working from home for yourself can be, but we also know the value of having other people to talk to. None of us knows as much as all of us. And our community at the Speak-to-Sell “Grow Your Business” Bootcamp can be the perfect compliment to your normal work day.

6 April 2017 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Wow! We’re already several months into the New Year – can you believe it?!

If you’re anything like I am, you may be looking at the goals you set and evaluating your progress. Before you get too far, though, I’d like to introduce a different approach … an approach that makes goals real and actionable.

In other words, it’s an approach that dramatically increases the likelihood that you’ll see the results you want to see as you wind down 2017.

Here’s the key:

Go further than simply setting goals.

Create intentions, and use setbacks as fuel to keep going, learning, and changing in business.

The thing is, this is NOT just another new year.

We’re facing big changes around the world, which means people need you and your gifts now more than ever.

That’s why it’s crucial that you get into the success mindset, and continue moving forward, so that you can share your gifts and make the biggest positive impact possible.

First of all, let’s talk about the real reason we set goals. Almost everyone sets goals, right? But when we understand the deep importance of this ritual, the pursuit of those goals takes on a new meaning.

The Importance of Setting Goals

Goals give you direction. If you truly want to succeed, and you want to play a role in meeting today’s challenges head-on, you must take focused action in the right direction. If you don’t set goals, you won’t know what that direction is! (If you need help selecting the best next move for your business, apply for a complimentary conversation with one of our experts to solidify it, here.)

Goals put you into the success mindset. As you strive to reach your goals, you learn to be uncomfortable—to move beyond your comfort zone and stretch further than you’ve gone before. And that’s what we need as conscious entrepreneurs, today more than ever.

But, how? How do you set goals that not only allow you to share your gifts, but that also allow you to make big money doing so?

The Secret to Successful Goal-Setting

Your success depends on your mindset. The real secret to success is your mindset—the thoughts you consistently have, the beliefs you hold close, and the actions you consistently take based on these beliefs. So when it comes to setting goals, think about where you’re coming from. If you’re like so many of the people with whom I speak, you’re coming from a place of generosity and love. You want to make this world a better place—for all of us—and when you’re able to operate from this place, you’re able to set and achieve goals in alignment with this mindset.

Shift your belief system. Before you set goals, you must first accept the premise that it’s not only acceptable to have desires, but it’s necessary. We all want to receive the good that life has in store for us, and setting goals is a powerful way to position yourself to receive, even as you’re using your business as a platform to give, to heal the world.

Once you’ve developed a mindset that will serve as a strong foundation for setting goals, it’s time to make them a reality.

Make Your Goals a Reality

Start small. As conscious entrepreneurs, it’s so easy to dream big, right? We want to make the biggest possible impact! Sometimes, though, thinking big can mean goals become overwhelming. That’s why I recommend breaking your goals down into smaller steps. This way, you can see—and maintain—your progress.

Create accountability. Once you’ve broken your Big Goal down into smaller steps, assign a date of completion to each step. Put these dates on a calendar and stick to them. Be flexible! Of course, life will throw you curveballs, and you may have to shift your priorities, and therefore, your dates of completion. This is totally normal—and it’s okay!

Go from resolution to reality. Michelle Perkins recently shared a great 3-step process for making goals happen.
Step 1: Make a decision. Change begins at the point where you decide to pursue an idea.
Step 2: Believe you can do it. Feeling some fear and discomfort is natural, but you should also believe it’s possible (and if you don’t, consider what training, support, or experience you can pursue to improve your skills and gain confidence).
Step 3: Take action! Nothing happens without taking action.

These steps are designed to get you started as you evaluate and design your goals. To tell you the truth, they’re the tip of the iceberg! Over the course of my career, I’ve done tons of research, studying, and reading up on how to set and achieve goals. So below, I’m sharing some of the favorite tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

“Ninja” Tricks for Reaching Your Goals

My personal trick. When I get something in my head, and I set about, “How am I going to go for it?” I consider how I’m going to set it in spirit, set it in stone, set it in my consciousness, and embody it.

Watch the video below to see the ninja trick I use to stretch myself and manifest my goals.

Take your goals deeper. Look beyond the “face value” of a goal. I recently read a great article on Forbes.com that pointed out that although businesses are designed to make money, entrepreneurs may want to choose other resources over money; for example, time. In other words, time is the singular non-recoverable investment we make. So while a certain project may be hugely profitable, financially, an entrepreneur may choose to spend less time on that project (and therefore earn less of a profit), and more time on a different project about which she is more passionate … a project that will help her reach her goals. Read the article in its entirety, here.

This is a big one for me. My kids are still at home, and spending time with them is super-important to me. So when I’m designing my goals for the year, they align with my desire to spend time with my two children.

Take only the right actions. “If what you are doing is not moving you toward your goals, then it’s moving you away from your goals.” And it’s true, right? You have only so much time in each day… so spend it taking only the actions that move you toward your goals, and watch how much faster you reach them!

Get the right resources. One of my favorite books on this topic is The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance by Edwene Gaines. I highly recommend you read this book to discover how to raise your abundance consciousness.

Setbacks are Fuel

Create intentions, and use setbacks as fuel to keep going, learning, and changing in business. Click To Tweet

Find the lessons. Everything you are and have been has gotten you to this point. Learnings, challenges, and setbacks are key to continuing to grow and evolve as a business owner and as a human being.

What can you learn from your setbacks? Take a lot of time on this one … there is so much to learn in reflection.

Commit to moving forward. Don’t let fear stop you from taking focused action in the right direction.

Remember that you can course correct. A setback or mistake is an opportunity to learn what didn’t work and to try something new. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Maxwell Maltz:

Again, this is NOT just another new year. We’re facing big changes around the world, which means people need you and your gifts now more than ever. So shouldn’t the way you set goals reflect that?

When it does, you’re more likely to make the impact (and the money) you want to make.

Let’s Chat!

I would love to hear from you: what kinds of goals are you setting this year? What can you learn from challenges (from the past or that you’re facing now)?