12  January 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

One of the surest ways to stand out in the marketplace is to create a culture around your work.

By that I mean, a way of being that your group or event embodies, and that each member embraces and reflects.

For instance, here on the Sassy campus we’re smart. We’re sassy. We’re sensible.

We’re stylish. We are people who look to make big money doing what we love while making a difference.

Now, contrast that to the campuses out there where the culture is about making money, and it doesn’t really matter much who you help, as long as it pays off. The culture is about learning the systems to put cash in your pocket and, certainly, my systems do that too. But that’s not the culture that we create.

So, when you’re putting together your next program and, specifically, if you’re putting together a live event, think in advance about who you want to attract.

Creating a strong culture is like hanging out a neon sign that points your tribe to your door.

And then it keeps them there, powerfully creating together, year after year.

To experience our Sassy culture first-hand and learn more about how to create your own, consider joining us for Event Profit Secrets.

7  January 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

A lot of people think that they need to fill a huge room in order to have a profitable retreat, workshop or live event—or to break even—but that just isn’t so.

I’ve seen people make rich returns on their investments from live gatherings of only 6 to 18 people.

In addition, people often think that they can’t host an event because they’ve never done it before, they don’t have a big list or following, their event is too tiny, or they and their clients are introverted. But as you can see from the four stories below, that’s also not true:

“My Event Is Too Small.”
When Language of Yoga expert Michelle Gunderson only had two sign ups for her intimate event, she considered cancelling it, because she hadn’t intended it to be that small. But her daughter urged her to go ahead. After all, she’d made a commitment to those two people, and she should honor that. So she showed up in the spirit of service, thinking of the event as a practice run. She followed the Event Profit Secrets Formula, and no one was more surprised than she when she ended up making $13,000 that weekend, selling 150% of the room, when one of the participants told a friend about her high-ticket, back-end program.

“I Don’t Have Any Experience.”
You may identify with Feminine Business expert Tracy Lee Jones, who had never hosted anything but dinner parties when she planned her first live event. But she really had something special in mind. She wanted her dream event and planned it with all the extras to turn her dream into a reality. She was thrilled when 25 people attended and she made $60,000 from offering her high-ticket, back-end program. Not bad for a weekend, huh?

Enjoy rich returns on your investments from live gatherings of only 6 to 18 people.


“I Don’t Have a List.”
Black Woman Millionaire Coach, Dr. Venus Opal Reese, has worn a lot of hats over her inspiring career, but when she planned her first small event she didn’t even have a mailing list. Many people would consider planning an event without a list to be an impossible task, but not Dr. Venus. She went for it, and at her very first live event, she closed $26,000 by inviting her audience to enroll in her high-ticket back-end program.

“I’m Too Shy.”
If the idea of standing before a group gives you the shakes, CEO of Faculty Diversity Kerry Ann Rockquemore can relate. She had thought an event had to be in a big room and include music and dancing, something that just didn’t fit for her and her clientele. So when she heard me say that her event needed to reflect her style and that she could have it in a suite, the bells went off for her. Within 24 hours, she had set her date for her own live event, Kerry Ann style! The result? An intimate gathering on the Loyola University Campus that brought eight isolated people together and generated $40,000 in new contracts and more than $12,000 for her high-ticket, back-end program.

So if you don’t need a list or experience or extroversion or lots of attendees, what do you need to pull this off for yourself?

You need to invest in a proven structure to design your own highly profitable, content-rich events that transform people’s lives and fill your high-end coaching, mastermind and mentorship program. Just like the structure we give you at Event Profit Secrets.

So if you’d like to follow in the footsteps of these four amazing women and let 2015 be the year that you make big money from your small event, workshop or retreat, mark your calendar for Event Profits Secrets, happening in San Diego, CA, February 19 and 20, and grab your seat today.

29  December 2014  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Over the past several years, I’ve been doing a really fun and powerful practice of wrapping up the old year and welcoming in the new year. I try to do it on New Year’s Day, but a week before or a week after is fine.

In a notebook, I write down every accomplishment that I can think of from the year before. Some are personal, some financial; others are family related, educational, or work related. If I overcame something or got rid of something that wasn’t working in my life, I put it in the book. I put vacations in there, anything that has a feel of accomplishment.

Then I make goals for what I would love to happen in the coming year. I dream, and I write them all down. Some of the things are in sight — I can see how they’re going to happen — and others, I have no idea how they could manifest. But I record them all in the notebook.

And then, I close the book. I put it away and don’t look at it again until the next new year, when I sit down to do this practice again.

And when I reopen that book, it always amazes me, because 80% to 90% of the things on that list have happened!

So, if you’re inspired by this practice, please try it for yourself. Dream big, and then put the notebook away.

And then see what just that level of confidence can do to manifest great things in your life.

11  December 2014  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

telesummit-right-for-you1.jpgThrough the magic of telesummits, brand-new and experienced entrepreneurs are adding hundreds and thousands of people to their lists, while becoming known as the de facto expert in their field.

In fact, hosting a telesummit is one of the top, most economical list-building tools around.

What exactly is a telesummit?

A telesummit is a virtual event, where one host pulls together a collection of experts over a designated period of time and interviews them all on a specific topic, for free, while a virtual audience tunes in.

How do you make money hosting a telesummit?

After the free recordings play, usually for a 24- to 48-hour window, all of the opted-in guests are invited to purchase the series for a nominal fee.

But the real money in telesummits is what you do with all the new leads after it’s over. You can offer strategy sessions and make one-on-one high-ticket sales or go directly into an online launch. The choice is yours; the possibilities are sky-high.

So are you ready to host your own telesummit? Here are 3 ways to figure that out:

  1. Do you want to be known in a specific niche or expert subject area? If you’re waiting for someone to knock on your door and “discover” you, you may be waiting a very long time. If you want to get known in your field, you have to find a way to assume the throne. A telesummit is an amazing tool for that, because, when you interview top experts in your field, your audience automatically sees you as an authority as well. Hosting a telesummit can put you on top of the pack…overnight.

The real money in telesummits is what you do with all the new leads after it’s over

  1. Are you in a niche area that doesn’t use telesummits? Telesummits can be especially lucrative for niches that rarely have access to a collection of experts all in one place and time. I’ve seen boutique businesses in industries from personal photography to corporate content development, doing seven-figures from the leads they’ve collected from telesummits.
  2. Do you love to learn? If you follow our telesummit model, you’re pulling together up to 12 experts, over a three-day period, to create your own mini university. So if you weren’t already the most knowledgeable expert in your topic area, you truly will be by the time your telesummit is over. It’s kind of like getting paid to learn from the top people in your industry.

Bonus: The news gets even better, because, once you finish your telesummit, you have a great packaged program that you can use as a bonus for future programs that you offer as well as a bonus offer to make when promoting an affiliate. Not to mention that you now have a bunch of hot interviews that you can leverage all over social media, tagging and using the name of the guest that you interviewed.

If that sounds good to you, and you’re ready to learn how to build your list and own your category overnight by hosting a telesummit, there’s still time to sign up for my live, virtual event, The ULTIMATE Telesummit Formula, December 17. Or, you can attend class #1 free this Saturday! Details above…

9  December 2014  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Email DistributionHosting your own telesummit is the number one way to make huge leaps in your list, your authority, and your reach, all while establishing powerful partnerships with other experts in your field.

A telesummit is a virtual event that takes place over a period of time, where you, as the host, invite and interview a collection of experts on a topic that you choose, while a virtual audience tunes in.

Hosting your own telesummit increases your mojo, because interviewing others places you at the top of the heap with top-level experts in your field.

And when it comes to economically building your list, telesummits have no equal.

Part of the deal is that your guests promote the telesummit to their own lists, and those people have to opt-in to your list in order to attend.

Just think about it. If you interview 10 people who each have lists of 20,000, and even if only a tiny fraction opt in, you’re still adding thousands of people to your own list…overnight.

If you’d like to learn how to build your list and your mojo by hosting your own telesummit, attend my live, virtual event, The ULTIMATE Telesummit Formula, December 17.