11  February 2016  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

What-you-know-in-a-bookIf you’re an expert who is wanting to get out there and coach with your work and help people, it’s a smart strategy to put what you know into a book.

However, since my blessing is to give everything a look through a sales conversion perspective, I’m going to give you some advice that you won’t hear from a traditional publishing professional, who sees your book as the end product.

If you facilitate transformation for your clients, your book isn’t the end product. In fact, it’s just the beginning. And, as such, it should be a tantalizing promise to your ideal clients of just how amazing your work actually could be for them, while also including some tangible ways to get started experiencing the transformation you offer right away.

That’s why I say don’t just pour everything you know into your book, because that can hurt your ability to help people in a bigger way.

Why is that?

Well, the truth is, most people will opt for the lowest level of commitment, which is likely to be your $19 book. So if they read your book and you’ve thrown everything in it, without leading to an Irresistible Offer™, your readers are going to think the book represents everything you can do for them, and they will have no reason to go any deeper with you.

Therefore, instead of helping you to build your business while establishing your expertise, your book would actually be standing in the way of all the additional help you could give your clients in your office or course or through your coaching.

That’s definitely not the result you want from your book! So what do we recommend instead?

When you write your book, as our Speak-to-Sell talk structure lays out, we think it’s smarter to dive deeply into one piece of what you teach, really give people some immediate value so that they can see changes in their life, business, etc., right away; and then make sure to show them how they can work with you further or take it further through a well-defined path that you lay out.

This idea is called reverse engineering, or, another way to say it is, building your book with the end in mind.

For example, when I wrote Position Yourself for Online Sales Success: How to Use Your Phone and Computer to Finally Set Yourself Free! I didn’t share the entire content of my 6 Figure Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System. I shared the content of one module plus a meaty bonus.

I made sure to reverse engineer my book so that it led to my Irresistible Offer, while, at the same time, allowing the book to stand alone with the deep level of content and teaching that it offers to set the reader on their path in a powerful way.

When you structure your book this way, you’re working with it to give your ideal clients a very powerful and immediately useful appetizer, and then showing them the path to having the whole meal.

This is the key to your book being not just inspirational but having the potential to be truly transformational as well.

If you’d like to take this idea one step further and actually start writing your book, check out Hay House’s free video series on how to become a successful author, which promises to be transformational as well.  Watch video 1 ’Inside Tips for Becoming a Published Author’ here.


28  January 2016  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Your-Expert-TitleI always knew in my heart that I had an awesome gift – just as you do. Just as we all do.

For years I secretly hoped that someone would recognize it and discover me. Maybe they would offer me a chance to speak on a big stage or, better yet, a TV show; something that would allow me to get my gifts out into the world and be known in a bigger way.

Finally, as my 40th birthday approached, I realized that no one was coming to my door. Sure, I got recognized when I worked hard, but if I wanted a big platform so that I could make the difference I was put here to make, I would have to assume the throne and crown myself.

Now, assuming the throne is not about ego. It’s about shining your light and sharing your gifts; it’s about declaring yourself the expert in your field, and moving forward, doing what you were meant to do, without waiting for anyone’s permission or needing approval.

For me the big day came when I flashed on what I now call my “expert title,” which is The Queen of Sales Conversion. This is a perfect umbrella title that describes my ability to inspire people to say “yes” (which is converting a sale); and also to teach other heart-centered entrepreneurs how to convert sales through Irresistible Offers™ in any format, whether on stage, via teleseminar, one-on-one, or even during interviews.

By the way, I don’t recommend that everybody crown themselves the Queen or King of X. It happened to work for me, but may not be right for you. Other terms people use are: The XYZ “Expert,” “Mentor,” or “Specialist.”

So if you’re ready to stop waiting and, instead, start discovering your own expert title, here’s a great way to begin:

  1. What are you THE queen or king or expert of?
    What have you been doing for five years? 10 years? 20 years? What are your credentials? If someone were to discover you, what would it be for? What do people come to you for… whether they’re paying you or not?
  2. What transformation do you facilitate in people’s lives?
    Again, whether you’re paid for it or not, how do you impact other people? What transformation do you facilitate? Your expert title should include that transformation so that people at a glance will understand what you do. For example, one of my clients calls herself the Accelerated Results Specialist, because she accelerates people’s results beyond what they thought possible. Another is the Recurring Revenue Expert, because she helps people who want to create steady, repeated revenue.
  3. How would you describe the throne that you sit on, the space that you occupy?
    There may be dozens or even hundreds of people doing what you do, so pick a specific and narrow piece of the field to claim. For instance, mine is about making Irresistible Offers and inspiring on-the-spot action, which comprise my Invisible Close™ brand. My narrow focus allows me to share the stage – and the spotlight – with other experts in the “sales” arena, who focus on other areas such as overcoming objections, NLP or lead generation.

So don’t wait any more. Go ahead and assume the throne. Take your seat at the head of the table.

26  January 2016  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

When you’re first getting started, it can be challenging to figure out what the unique transformation or outcome is that you provide.

UncoverYourExpertiseYou may have various interests or talents, or perhaps you’re clear on what you do, but not on what makes you distinct among the others in your field.

To begin to uncover your unique expertise, start by noticing.


Pay attention to what you’ve been naturally doing to help people in your personal and/or professional life. It’s usually something that’s very easy for you but that other people find difficult.

For example, I’m very comfortable making offers and moving people into saying “Yes” to themselves. I call it taking inspired action. It’s easy for me because it’s my blessing.

I wanted to teach others how to do this too, so I started paying close attention, and fleshed out exactly what I do to move people to take on-the-spot action.

During this process I uncovered another blessing: my natural ability to break down seemingly complex processes into simple systems that I can then teach to others.

Those twin blessings are at the heart of my company, which has helped thousands of people and earned $25 million in a few short years.

So ask yourself: “What am I constantly helping people with? What is super easy and natural for me but others marvel at and wonder how I do it?”

And then start to notice what you do with friends, family, and clients.

22  January 2016  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily tasks of working in our business, that we forget to take the time out to get together with like-minded people to work on our business. And that’s exactly what I did recently, when I met with some of my top Joint Venture partners for a gathering to share our plans for the year and really see how we could lift each other up.

It was such an awesome masterminding experience. And we had so many amazing takeaways, that I just had to share a few of them with you.

The video is here, but, below that, I’ve also summarized each person’s major takeaway, so that you can see at a glance the power that comes from taking time out to work on your business. Extra points if you notice the theme! 😉

Behind the Scenes with Lisa: Lift Each Other Up

Here’s what I do with my JV Partners to support each other! How can you forward your partnerships with these ideas?

Posted by Lisa Sasevich on Friday, January 22, 2016

Their plans lift mine. I love masterminding, and today was no exception. Just listening to my fellow partners’ plans for the year really lifted my own aspirations. And I realized that the more they teach me how to be a better marketer, better at delivering what my company does, we all win.

Where am I capping my own growth? Justin Livingston said that he loves being around people whom he admires and respects, who are up to similar things, and up to bigger things, because it really helps him to identify the areas in which he’s capping his own personal growth, business growth, potential for clients, etc. He also said that every time he’s part of a high-level mastermind like this one, where he has access to great techniques and strategies, he finds that time and again, any issues actually tend to come down to limiting beliefs.

I totally agree. We often think that issues in our business are only about a need for different strategies and tactics, but when we get underneath all that, it’s actually limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

Think Bigger. That’s the takeaway of Christian Mickelsen, who said it’s so easy to get caught up in what am I going to do this week, this month, this next promotion, that it’s super valuable to take the time out to think bigger and farther ahead, to think about his visions for the year and beyond the year. And even though the ideas were kind of in his head already, taking the time to articulate them made them more clear and more real.

Think Even Bigger. After we all shared our visions of what our businesses are going to look like this year, Bill Baren made a joke, “Oh my God, our visions are so small.” And even though it was a joke, it dawned on a couple of us that compared to what’s actually possible, our visions are small. Well, Bill was so inspired by the aftermath of his quip that he committed to looking at how he can make his vision so big that he can’t even accomplish it in his lifetime!

Foosball and Hoverboard. I think this is something you just have to see. So if you haven’t already watched the video, I invite you to do it now and catch my first experience riding a Hoverboard.

And, in the meantime, remember to get together with your peers and expand your vision, articulate it out loud, and lift each other up!

21  January 2016  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

A client of mine who had just broken six figures the year before and was on track to do multiple six figures the coming year was considering buying a house with a high mortgage, but was facing some fear about what would happen if her income didn’t continue. “What if it all goes away?” she asked.

Plan on Success!She knew she shouldn’t be thinking that her success wouldn’t continue, but she also wanted to make a prudent financial decision.

I related to her question, remembering my own rapid growth from $100K to the multimillions. At the time we were living in a $600 a month house in Tucson, and I was asking myself similar questions: When do I know if I can afford a nanny? How do I know if I can move to La Jolla? What if I’m a one-hit wonder?

Well, we did move to La Jolla, and, for the first year, rented a house in the neighborhood we wanted to live in, paying a very high rent, so that I could see how it felt to spend and live at that level.

It soon became very natural; and at the end of the year, we bought a house and never looked back.

Now, obviously, you have to be responsible to your financial situation, but if you cower to your fear, you’ll never grow.

So maybe there’s a way to find a safer middle ground for a while like I did. See how it feels. Prove to yourself that you can do it.


The other important piece of the puzzle is to do what you can to continue your growth. We have many ways to help you do that!