23 September 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

A lot of people ask me what they should sell in various speaking environments—or what they should do if they’re told they can’t sell at all.

I’m going to make this decision super easy for you, so that you can start getting the right tools together and be ready for any situation.

Directly from our “Leveraged Progression Plan for Speakers” here is what to offer in three different speaking scenarios:


When You Can’t Sell, Give, Give, Give
If you only have 30 minutes or less to speak, that’s generally not enough time to develop and deliver an effective Irresistible Offer™. So if you don’t have enough time to give a solid talk, or if you’ve been told that you can’t sell at all, what you want to do, instead, is give, give, give, and collect leads to connect with later.

To collect those leads, you can do a raffle or a drawing for one of your products or services—which gives you the opportunity to unabashedly promote the prize, since you have to let them know what they could win. You can give a free gift or a strategy session or a complimentary office appointment. Or you can invite people to sign up for a free teleseminar or webinar that takes your talk a lot deeper and gets them into your own selling zone.
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When to Get ‘Em Going 
When you’re speaking for 60-90 minutes at a live event or teleseminar or webinar, and the audience is not highly invested—meaning they might be there for free or they didn’t have to travel or invest much of their time—or if they’re not totally your tribe, you want to make an entry-level or low-ticket offer up to $2,000.

This is the category for most Speak-to- Sell® events, where you’re looking to serve more people through a larger quantity of sales, rather than serving only a few at the high-ticket level. This approach is also great for testing new concepts.

When to Go For It!
When you’re speaking live before an audience, and you have 75-90 minutes to go through your entire Signature Talk and Irresistible Offer, and your audience is your tribe, and they’re highly invested with money, travel, and time, that’s when you want to consider going for it. Make that high-ticket offer of $2,000 or more!

If you’ve assessed your audience well, you can make big money and get awesome action-taking clients. However, since it’s all or nothing, if it doesn’t go well, the results can be disappointing. For instance, I once spoke at a speaking bootcamp that I thought was my tribe, but it wasn’t, and I only sold three tickets at $4,000. Now who can complain about a $12,000 day? But if my offer had been a version with less private coaching for only $997, I would have gained a lot more clients, who would likely have gone on to invest in our higher-level trainings. 

If you want to start getting the right tools together so that you can be ready for any speaking situation, come join us live in Las Vegas for Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp October 20-22, 2016.

22 September 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Contributed by Eben Pagan

Over the past 15 years, I’ve built more than a dozen online businesses, all of which used digital products (ebooks, DVDs, MP3s, online Membership Sites, etc.) to deliver my teaching.

In the process of building these products, I’ve discovered a set of critical elements that must be done right, and in the right order, if you want to succeed.

If you get all of these elements right and in the right order, you have success. If you get even ONE of them wrong, it can cause you to fail.

I call this the “Critical Path Of Success.”


Imagine a car.

Now imagine all the things that must work in order for the car to work.

First, the battery must work. Then, the engine must work. Then the transmission. The wheels and tires. The electrical system. The gas pedal and so on…

If ANY of these elements doesn’t work, the entire car doesn’t work.

And just like a car, if any of the key elements in your Critical Path doesn’t work, your entire business doesn’t work!

Now when it comes to building a successful digital products business, the first Critical Path element is finding the right niche.

If you target the wrong niche, it’s just like having a dead battery in your car.

The best motor and the nicest wheels can’t take you anywhere if the battery doesn’t start the car.

Likewise, the nicest website with the hottest marketing in the world won’t work if your niche doesn’t work.

If you get the niche right, however, everything else you do in your business will be easier and more effective.

If you get the niche wrong, everything else may be hard…or even impossible.

Luckily, I’ve developed a proven method for identifying niches that are virtually guaranteed to be successful.

I call it…

“The Niche Test”

The Niche Test is a set of three questions that you can use to test the potential of any niche or product idea you have before you invest time and money into it.

If you get three “Yeses,” you’ve got a niche or a product with a high potential of success.
If you have 3 Yeses, you've got a niche/product with a high potential of success. Click To Tweet

If you don’t get three “Yeses,” you’ll want to keep searching until you do.

Here are the three questions:

  1. Are your customers experiencing pain, urgency or irrational passion?
    In other words are they triggered emotionally? If they are not experiencing emotional pain or strong passion then your idea is probably not a good one for a product or niche, because your potential customers are not motivated enough to consider making a change.

  3. Is your customer proactively looking for solutions?
    Is your customer actually getting off their butts and looking for a solution? Are they motivated enough to take action? If they are not proactively looking for solutions, then you would have to talk them into wanting your product, which is usually an uphill battle.

  5. Does your customer have few or no perceived options?
    The more options your customer has, the more competitive your niche will be for you. You want the problem you solve to be specific enough that when your customer finds your solution they say, “Wow! I really haven’t seen anything quite like this.”

That’s when you can charge higher prices and literally dominate the market.

If you enjoyed this article and would like more advanced training, check out my latest free video “How to Turn Your Big Idea Into an Online Business.” This video is a gold mine of tips and secrets for taking your idea and turning it into a successful digital products business.

Click here to watch -> “How to Turn Your Big Idea Into an Online Business”.

Eben Pagan launched his first online business from his bedroom in 2001. Beginning with an ebook of dating advice, his company grew to more than 10 brands, selling more than $100 million worth of trainings and information products, with over 70 employees, all 100% virtual (no office). Today, through his online training courses, he teaches entrepreneurs around the world to grow their businesses and advises high growth start-ups, including Ontraport, Splash, Inflection and Ongig.

19 September 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

One of the principles of building a brand and presence online is having your own “home base” on the web. It’s where people go to find you, your products or services, and most importantly – it’s entirely within YOUR control (unlike Facebook, Twitter, etc.). On this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle, Lisa talks with Christina Hills, an expert at helping people establish their own web presence by teaching them how to use WordPress to build an incredible and functional website. If you don’t have your own web presence you need the info Christina shares on this website.

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17 September 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

This season’s theme is all about expanding your reach by getting your work online! On today’s show, we’re exploring one of the most powerful interviews from my Automated Income Secrets training series. My guest Nathan Kievman will be giving us the low-down on the best social media platforms and strategies to grow your list with people form your target market, plus how to nurture and convert those leads. Are you ready to get Sassy with me? Let’s dive in!

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14 September 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

I love events – that’s stating the obvious right? 🙂 Attending an event is an investment, both in time and money. Today let’s talk about maximizing the experience, because if you’ve read anything from me before you know I’m all about leveraging.

Do the Pre-Work

Many events offer what we call “pre-work.” Pre-work is some form of training that gives attendees a head start before meeting in person – it is designed to lay the foundation for the event so you can show up primed and ready to dive deep on the content while you are learning live with your mentor.

We offer this for every event. Our pre-work could include video training from me with accompanying worksheets, and it usually has a few modules. The goal is to have you come to the event with everything you need to make a BIG impact on your business during our 3 days together.

While you’re doing the pre-work, make a list of your big questions you need clarity on. Put these all in one place so you can easily reference them.

You’ve ordered those business cards, right?

The essential tool to have on hand when meeting people in person! Order these ahead of time so you have them before you head to the event. If you need to update any of your contact information, be sure to spearhead that project too.

Your new friends may want to write a note on the back of your card to remember the conversation they had with you. Keep that in mind when you select the cardstock option as some are easier to write on than others.

Take it to the next level by having your speaker summary sheet printed and ready to hand out! The summary sheet includes your bio, a 250-word summary of your talk and your picture. The great news is it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Connect Early

Join the official Facebook Event! This is an amazing place to meet folks before the big day. We do this for every event we host.

First, be sure to register your ticket. For example, our attendees grabbed their #SpeakToSell Bootcamp ticket for October and then we immediately send them details, including how to find the Facebook Event. They can jump over and begin networking online with a community of people they’ll be joining live in just over a month!

No better way to break those pre-event jitters than real conversations with the people you’re going to meet 🙂

Calling All Note Takers

You guys are so awesome… Here’s a few tips to make the most of tight spaces, because I know I’d love to spread out and put giant Post-It Notes on the wall too!

  • Print any documents you want to have on hand
  • Bring a few of your favorite pens and highlighters
  • Bring your journal, so you can download all the day’s thoughts for future reference

Something I do for myself a few days after attending a live event is set aside time in my calendar to review what I learned and go through my notes. While doing so, I send off relevant to do’s and notes to my team members so they can support me in making new things happen. I want to squeeze every drop of goodness out of an event, even after the fact!

More ‘Packing’ Fun

Had to throw in a few extras. 😉 Consider these extras to boost your personal experience.

  • Healthy, energizing snacks that you love. Give your mind and body that yummy gift!
  • Grab Evernote, an app for your phone. Save all your travel plans, hotel details, transportation information, etc into one place you can access quickly if you need it. During the event you can grab pictures, take notes and even record audio of yourself as notes, if you’re seeking a less finger-pecking solution! This app will keep everything all in one organized place for you. Check out this article for some more ideas.
  • A reusable water bottle – you can thank me at the event 😉


What Should You Wear?

This is one of the biggest questions we receive about our live events. We recommend business casual for our #SpeakToSell attendees. Now every event is different, so what’s the best way to find the details?

After you register your ticket you should receive event information, usually via email. Watch for details such as event location, Support Team contact information and event logistics, including what to wear.

Things to consider when packing your favorite outfits:

  • Check out the event location, what’s the weather going to be like?
  • Is there a lot of grass where you’ll be walking or hanging out? (A good time to break out the wedges!)
  • We always recommend bringing a sweater, event rooms can feel cold sometimes.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable – looking good AND feeling good is the key!


Bring a Friend or a Partner

Many don’t think about this when heading to an in-person event. Our Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp attendees have the awesome opportunity to bring a friend or partner at a special discount.
Bring your business partner and learn the strategies together. Not to mention all the networking you can do as a duo!

Have you been looking for the perfect opportunity to bring your partner or spouse into your business world? This could be it! Bring them along so they can experience the growth and transformation with you.

What if I don’t know Anyone?

Come with an open mind and an open heart. Be ready to make lifelong friendships and business partners.
You will have many opportunities to connect:

  • During Sessions. Have you experienced partner shares before? These are times you’ll connect with the people sitting around you. Another great reason I highly recommend you frequently change where you sit in the room and who you sit with.
  • Networking Opportunities & Event Activities. Take full advantage of built-in networking times where you can meet and mingle with fellow attendees.
  • Meal Time. Lunch may or may not be included with your event registration. At the Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp we offer a special VIP lunch upgrade that our attendees can join if they choose. They receive a yummy lunch and a friendly atmosphere with structured networking activities to facilitate conversation. This is a great way to maximize connecting with fellow attendees!

If you enjoyed this post, stick around! There’s more ways to maximize your time at live events and my team is sharing some of their top success secrets soon. Stay tuned.

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