30  June 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

I watch a lot of presentations, and I notice that people rarely give this important step the time and attention it needs….

inviteAfter you’ve walked your audience through the order form, you need to clearly invite them to step up. To invest in your product or program.

To do that, slow down, take a deep breath, get present, and then say something inspiring from your heart.

In your own words, invite them to come on this journey, to give this gift to themselves, to follow the knowing that they have.

I teach heart-centered entrepreneurs how to have people say yes on the spot, so I often feel the pain of their own stuckness, and am often inspired to say something like this:

“You’re here because you want to learn how to have people move on inspiration and say yes to transformation. You’ve done a lot of training, a lot of work to gain your expertise; you’ve done 90% of the work. Having a Signature Talk is that 10% nuance that can pop your work wide open. So, if you’re sitting there, knowing that this is true, and you’re not standing up, what’s going on? How are you going to ask other people to invest in themselves with you, if you’re not investing in yourself?”

And then I close by reminding them of the limiter: “Give this gift to yourself. The $1,000 off is for today only. I’ll be in the back of the room.”

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25  June 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Anticipating-Their-Objections.pngI have a special treat, as I’m pulling today’s article directly out of my 12-point Speak-to-Sell Signature Talk Formula.

This is #10, which is addressing the top three objections your ideal clients are likely to have to investing in your product, program or service. You can also call these barriers to buying.

The beauty of the Speak-to-Sell Signature Talk Formula is that it applies in any speaking or selling situation — whether you’re on stage, face to face with a prospective client or doing a teleseminar or webinar preview call. After you’ve walked your audience or prospect through your invitation, you want to say, “Let me now answer the top three questions I always get, and if you have further questions, I’ll stick around a few minutes.”

That way, instead of a long line of people in the back of the room, or a flurry of emails, all asking the same question, you can handle those questions all at once, right from the stage or during the call, video or preview call.

In order to do that, of course you need to know what their questions are going to be. So, ahead of time, you want to do this simple exercise:

How to Determine Your Ideal Clients’ Barriers to Buying

  1. Ask yourself what the top three reasons are that people don’t invest in your offer. 
    They may be some of the common concerns: The timing is not good. I’m too busy. I don’t have the money. I don’t trust myself to do the work. I’m just getting started. I’m not sure it will work for me. Or one or more might be specifically related to your expertise. For instance, people sometimes tell me that they already have a keynote address, not realizing that a keynote and a Speak-to-Sell Signature Talk have vastly different goals and results.

  3. Answer each of the top three objections.
    Before you get on stage or on the call, you want to write out the answers to each of those objections, and then during your presentation, address them. When I do this during a talk or webinar, I put up a slide that reveals each of the objections, one-by-one, as I click on it.

For instance, at the top of my list of objections is, “What if I’m just getting started?” I answer that with, “Oh, I wish I could’ve gotten my hands on all of you when you were just getting started! I hate that some of you went out and built all of this material and then found out that you had missed the mark. Or that you created all these different courses or offerings, instead of one core program and one Signature Talk and one Irresistible Offer that you could really hit it out of the park with and get known for.”

Then I go on to the next objection, until I have dispatched them all.

Sometimes people resist addressing objections, because they think they’re putting ideas into people’s head. But the truth is, those objections are there already. And if you don’t speak to them, they’re going to fester, and poison the inner knowing that your ideal clients have that today is the day. Today is the day when they’re going to make the move to close the gap and end their pain.

By anticipating and answering their main objections, you’re giving them one more piece of what they need to say yes to themselves through you, on the spot.

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23  June 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

If you’re a woman who wants to make more money, there are three things you should immediately erase from your vocabulary.

Men, this will work for you as well.

1. “Let me think about it.”
When we ask to think about it, we appear indecisive, and we’re also costing ourselves in time by having to get back to people. You know if an opportunity is right for you or not. Go with your powerful intuition, and say yes or no on the spot.

2. “Why don’t you think about it and let me know.”
In this case, you’re the one who’s courting indecision in others, and, contrary to what many people think, it doesn’t serve your clients. “Thinking about it” creates an open loop, where they have to get back to you or you have to get back to them. It’s far better to give your ideal clients an Irresistible Offer, so that if your program is right for them, it will be easy for them to commit on the spot.

3. “Should I have _______” fill in the blank.
Every time we second-guess ourselves, not only do we appear uncertain to others, but we’re undermining what was surely a core, right decision in the first place. Go with your gut, stop wasting time, and keep moving forward.

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18  June 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Have you ever felt uncomfortable “closing” a sale, because it just sounds and feels too salesy?

I agree! And that’s why I reframed the whole process.

You’re not “closing a sale”; you’re “making an Irresistible Offer.”

Your Irresistible Offer is an invitation to your ideal clients to invest in themselves through a deeper learning with you, whether that’s in a class, program, product, mentorship, etc.

So, you’re not pursuing prospects. You’re inviting them to pursue you.

You’re putting out an offer that is so attractive to your ideal clients that they come toward you. They close themselves.

You’re also not being pushy. You’re not dragging anyone over the line to work with you.

The desire to invest comes from within them.

As a result, they feel great and you feel great, and they show up ready and excited to work with you.

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11  June 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Christianandlisa.pngA lot of coaches have been talking to me about people not having the money for coaching.

Have you heard these things from prospective clients:

“I can’t afford it” or

“I don’t have the money for coaching.”

Even though many people say they can’t afford coaching, often it’s not true.

What is truer is they may not be able to see how coaching will be worth the investment. I’ll tell you how to help them see that it’s worth it so you won’t hear about money issues any more, and you’ll get a lot more clients.


I’m going to tell you a story about a client of mine from many years ago. His name was James, and he owned a private investigations company.

His company had eight employees and was on the brink of going bankrupt. He was behind on several bills. His company cell phones kept getting shut off. He was worried about the company cars being repossessed, etc. He was in BAD financial shape! Do you think a guy like this can afford coaching? Do you think a guy like this would be willing to pay for coaching when he was behind on so many other bills?

Yes! He hired me at my highest rate ever at that time: $3,600.

How do you get a guy like James to pay? And if you can get someone in this situation to hire you, couldn’t you get other people in less dire circumstances to hire you?

The lesson here is that people will pay for what they perceive is important to them. You need to make them see how getting your coaching is critical.

Instead, many coaches are starting out with the belief that people can’t afford coaching. If you believe this, you’re already dead in the water!

My friend Therese told me this phrase that I’ve integrated into my consciousness:

“There’s an unlimited amount of money in the world; the only thing standing in your way of having it is your creativity, know-how, and commitment to getting it.”


The author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad says to stop thinking, “Can I afford this?” and to start thinking “How can I afford this?”

The truth is that most people can afford your coaching fees. They could put that amount of money on a credit card today, and you could be working with them tomorrow. But…

Here’s why most people don’t hire a coach and, instead, say they have “money challenges” during an initial coaching session:

  1. They don’t see how coaching will make a real, significant difference in their life, because the coach doesn’t know how to show them specifically what coaching will do for them.

  3. They think coaching sounds “nice” and seems like a good idea for “some day,” but not for today, because the coach doesn’t inspire them to make changes or uncover the challenges that keep them from changing.

  5. They aren’t stirred-up emotionally. The coach doesn’t find out what the long-term impact of staying the same will mean for the client. What happens in five years if they never change?

Here’s what you need to do to eliminate money from being a barrier to getting hired:


  1. Find out what the potential client wants to change. What do they want? What’s not working?

  3. Find out why it is important to change now. Why now? What’s different today?

  5. Uncover the challenges that are keeping them from changing on their own.

  7. Discover the long-term impact of not changing. If they stay the same, what does that mean to them?

  9. Connect the dots between what you do in your coaching to what they want to change. Show how what you do in your coaching will help them overcome their challenges and get what they want.

In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing the exact words to say to convert introductory coaching sessions into high paying clients in the latest release of my most popular program “Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign-Up System.” Click here to learn more and receive my free special report, “Hot Spots for Finding High Paying Clients.”

When you can eliminate money from being a barrier to getting hired, you’ll find a lot more people hiring you right on the spot!

Contributed by Christian Mickelsen, the #1 best-selling author of “Get Clients Today.”