26  March 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

When I first started to speak on large stages, I was often the only woman. (This has changed somewhat, but there still aren’t enough of us ladies on stage.)

magnetic-marketingAs I’d watch some of my fellow speakers jump up on chairs in the middle of their presentation, throw things at the audience and pound walls, I was concerned that I wouldn’t make enough of a splash with my authentic, grounded style.

Then a colleague of mine gave me a lot of peace, when she said, “Lisa, you have a magnetic style, and they have an explosive style.”

Here are some key differences between the two:

1. Connection. The magnetic Speak-to-Sell presentation starts with connecting with the audience and moves forward from a like-minded place, whereas the explosive style is more of a show and can sometimes feel that something is being “done to” the audience.

2. The Body of the Talk. The magnetic Speak-to-Sell talk is generally loaded with immediately useful content, while the explosive style tends to have a lot of stories and anecdotes and reasons to move forward, but not a lot that you can get started with right away.

3. The Offer. Both styles are designed to move people into immediate action, but the magnetic style feels more like an invitation. The making of the offer is very transparent, and is focused on the main dish offer with a couple of relevant bonuses and a special limited-time offer. Meanwhile, an explosive style has a lot of gimmicks, price slashing and many bonuses.

4. They feel different. The magnetic style tends to leave the audience feeling great and contributed to, whether they buy or not. Sometimes the explosive style can leave people feeling great if they buy, but not so great if they don’t.

If you want to learn how to make a magnetic Speak-to-Sell presentation that gives great content and sells while leaving you and your audience feeling good, come join me for Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp Live.

20  March 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Speakers, including some big names, have asked me to watch the last 15 minutes of their talk to see what they’re doing wrong with their “close.”

reverse engineer your talkBut I don’t even have to look at their tape to give them the most crucial advice.

If they think the close only happens in the last 15 minutes, then that’s where they’ve gone wrong.

In our Speak-to-Sell Signature Talk formula, the sales job actually gets done a lot earlier than that, and it’s holistic, so it doesn’t feel salesy.

How do you accomplish that?

You “reverse engineer” your talk.

That means, you start with the offer that you’re going to make, and then go back to the beginning and create the rest of your talk — the intro, the body, and the transition — so that everything you say and do leads right to making that offer so smoothly that it feels like the obvious solution to everything you’ve been saying in your talk.

Not only that, but if you follow our simple formula, they’re hungry for the offer and feel served when you finally show them how they can get their hands on it.

If that sounds great to you, and you want to learn how to create that kind of hunger in your audience for your offer, all without being salesy, check out Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp.

19  March 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

In my last blog, I told you about my turning point.

How, years ago, because I was ready with my Signature Talk and Irresistible Offer, I was able to fill in for a main stage speaker at a moment’s notice, and, in 90 minutes, made $10,000 — a figure I’d been struggling to make in a month.

That night, as I lay in my squeaky cot at the retreat center, my thoughts drifted to my father, Eddie Garson, who spent his life on stage.

He was a famous ventriloquist, who traveled the world with his dummy Chico-Chico. He played the Ed Sullivan Show twice, Radio City Music Hall, opened for Xavier Cugat, and so on.

I remembered that he used to say to me, “Lisa, don’t change your act, change your audience.”

Lying in that cot, the implication of those words fully sunk in.

He made a living by taking his one act all over the world. What if I could do the same with my talk?

And if I could make $10,000 with 60 people, imagine what could happen when I started talking to a hundred or 400 or more.

I also realized that I could turn around and teach others how to create a Signature Talk and Irresistible Offer from their passion and expertise, and get their own work out into the world.

And that’s exactly what I did.

The talk I gave that night became the cornerstone for the multimillions that my company has made, the thousands of people that I’ve helped, and the ripple of transformation that they, in turn, have created around the world.

If you would like create your own act to take on the road — a Signature Talk and Irresistible Offer that can be the basis for the work that you create in the world — Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp is the place to be.

12  March 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

When I first started speaking for my own company years ago, I was invited to do a break-out session, and I was so new I didn’t even know what that meant. I also didn’t even think to ask how many people would be attending.

Instead, I just got on a plane and flew from Arizona to Santa Barbara, and then drove up the treacherous hill to reach the retreat center, where there were 60 people at the whole event.

While I was thrilled to be there — it was my first time traveling alone for my company — with only 60 people choosing among three speakers for their break-out sessions, I’d probably only have about 20 in mine.

So, I went up to the host and, cheerfully, said, “Hey, if anybody can’t make it up that hill, please know that I’m ready and happy to speak on the main stage.”

Well, sure enough, the second day after dinner someone couldn’t make it, so I took the stage instead.

I gave my talk, made my Irresistible Offer, and, for the first time ever in just 90 minutes, I made $10,000.

Now, at this point in my career, I was struggling to make $5K or $10K a month. To make that from one talk in 90 minutes changed my world.

And it was all because I was ready. I had my Signature Talk and Irresistible Offer ready to go.

If you’d like to feel the confidence that comes from being ready, so that you, too, can step into the spotlight at a moment’s notice, Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp might be the place for you. Check it out here.

6  March 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Is it time?

Is it time for you to put your stake in the ground, and start building your own tribe of ideal clients to fill your high-end programs?

If that sounds great to you, but you don’t feel quite ready, listen up.

You actually don’t need to be as far along as you may think.

If you’ve got the content to lead a 5-part teleseries, I can show you how to take that and structure it into your own 3-day event, workshop or training.

At that training, you then make your offer for the mastermind, mentorship, coaching or certification program that you’ve always dreamed of.

And, remember, that event doesn’t have to be large.

Graduates of Event Profit Secrets are out there putting 2, 10, 13, 28 people in a room for three days, and walking away with 5 and 6 figures and the most amazing clients, whom they are excited to serve.

So, if you’d like learn my strategies for planning, structuring and marketing highly successful events that lead to filling your high-ticket mastermind, mentorship or coaching programs with your ideal clients, join us at Event Profit Secrets.