29  September 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

I learned this the hard way.

appealingA hooky talk title can mean the difference between getting booked or not and between a having a big audience or a disappointing turnout.

When I was first starting, I worked for another company and taught a course for women about how to understand men that was called: “The Amazing Development of Men.”

Are you surprised that our audiences were small?

The title didn’t grab people because the secret to a truly hooky title was missing, and that is to clearly state the transformation that the audience will experience as a result of attending.

We proved this when we changed the title to “Understand Men 101” and attendance skyrocketed.

We started drawing women by the hundreds because the benefit was so clear and compelling.

The title also drew women because it appealed to the pain and frustration that many women feel because they don’t understand why men do the things they do.

My last tip is don’t sacrifice hooky for cute. Sometimes people create clever titles but nobody knows what they mean.

You want your title to be immediately appealing and recognizable.

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24  September 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Seeding-Secrets.pngToday I’m going to give you a taste of the secret sauce of our Speak-to-Sell Formula, and that is seeding.

Like the best sauces, seeding is evenly spread throughout our formula, and, when it comes to speaking and/or selling, it’s one of the things that sets our formula apart from anything else out there.

So what exactly is seeding?

Seeding is a tool that creates hunger and desire in your audience without your being salesy. When you seed, you’re giving immediate value, you’re being generous, and you’re also planting useful information about the products or services that can help take your clients further and that you might be offering for sale later in that live or virtual training.

Seeding can be used in live presentations, teleseminars and webinars, sales letters, one-on-one conversations, recorded products, and many other ways throughout the life of your business.

Why do we seed?

We seed so that we don’t have to switch into “sales mode.” Seeding relaxes your audience, because they see that you’re being straightforward. You’re there to serve, and you’re going to show them how to get more.

Here are three different seeds that you can start using right away:

  1. Tell your personal story.
    When you follow our Speak-to-Sell Formula, while positioning yourself for vulnerability and credibility, you share your hero’s journey. You tell your audience what happened in your life that led you to create your XYZ program or system, or to become an expert and coach or mentor to others in a certain area. The minute you mention your program or process, your coaching or mentorship, you’ve seeded it. The audience knows that it exists. And just that simple mention plants a seed of desire in your ideal clients that you will continue to water throughout the rest of your talk.
  2. Mention your clients.
    This might sound elementary, but many presenters neglect to mention their clients and how they serve them. This leaves the audience wondering if they even work with people or if they’re just there to inspire and teach.
  3. You can plant this seed simply. For example, I can say, “I love that my clients can go into our Speak-to-Sell online portal and find their way around easily. And it’s really exciting that we’ve redesigned it to be in small 20-to-40 minute learning chunks, so that even the busiest professional can keep moving through it.” I just seeded my online portal. I seeded how easy it is. And I seeded that I have clients.

  4. “Don’t worry.”
    I also call this the Jewish Mother seed, although you don’t have to be Jewish or a mother to use it! You want to use this seed when you get any sense that your audience might be feeling overwhelmed. At that point, you can say, “Look, guys, I know I’ve taught you a lot today. Don’t worry. I have templates. I have systems. I have worksheets. I’ve got a simple process for you. And in a few minutes, I’m going to show you how I can hold your hand and walk you through this step by step after today.”

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22  September 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

EndEarlyWhat I’m about to share may sound a little odd, but I’ve been proving its validity for years.

If you end your live presentation a few minutes early, rather than a few minutes late, you can significantly increase your sales conversion.

Seriously, I’ve found that even two minutes early versus two minutes late can affect your conversion by 10 or 15%.

That can equate to $1000 or $2000 or $3000 more or fewer dollars—or one, two or three human lives that do or don’t get to work with you.

I know, ending early can be a Herculean challenge. You get on a roll, you feel connected, you want to give, but there’s a real pay off if you can reel yourself in.

I can’t fully explain it, but it goes something like this: If you end late, your audience is clenching their keys and they’re ready to leave.

But if you end two minutes early, it’s as though you’ve surprised them. They haven’t yet prepared themselves to go.

And, even more interesting is that those same folks, who would otherwise be raring to leave, often end up sticking around for up to an hour.

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15  September 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

In a recent blog, I shared my secret formula for making sure that the introduction your host reads before you get up onstage to speak conveys to the audience the strong impression that you are an expert with proven results who can be trusted to deliver.

Here are two more important tips for making sure that your audience sees you as credible:

Tip 1: Always Bring a Copy of your Host Introduction with You
You can write a fantastic introduction, but if the busy host misplaces it the day of the event and gets up there and wings it, all your effort was in vain. So, before you go on, ask the emcee if he or she has your introduction, and, if not, hand it over. (This will separate you from the speaker pack and get you noticed.)

Tip 2: Adjust Your Opening Remarks as Necessary
If the emcee botches your intro (it happens!), think fast, because you need to convey the credibility that was supposed to have been established during your introduction. You could do this by mentioning that your business broke the six or seven-figure mark or that you never thought when you started that you’d have more than 200 people in your mentorship program.

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10  September 2015  |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Break-the-RulesDuring a presentation a long-time client of mine felt inspired to share more of her personal story than she ever had before—and significantly longer than I recommend in my Speak-to-Sell Signature Talk Formula.

Although it felt right to her at the time, and she got her best conversion ever, she still asked me if she had done the right thing. She wanted to know when it’s okay and not okay to break the rules.

Great question, right?

When It’s Okay to Break the Rules
I told her that it’s best to follow the rules in the beginning, because you want to learn the structure, prove the model, and make sure that you know how to do it.

But, remember, the Speak-to-Sell Formula is a structure, not a script, and I love structure, because, if used in the right spirit, it gives you freedom.

So once you get the structure down—you know all the pieces that need to be in there at some point somewhere; and you’ve implemented it enough times to understand that if you stick to it, it works, then, like my client, you can start to experiment.

You might feel the urge to try something a bit different and see if it works. Or, because you’re connected to the audience, you might feel the inspiration to bring in your own mojo and magic in a way that deviates somewhat from what I recommend.

All that is perfectly fine.

So When Is It NOT Okay to Break the Rules?
What you don’t want to do is what I did a couple of years ago.

In a media class I took, where we all got a chance to pitch to 20 television producers by Skype, our teacher gave us very specific rules about what to say and what not to say to position ourselves.

Well, being a pro at positioning, I got up there and, arrogantly, broke the rules. I told one of the ladies from the biggest channel that her hair looked great, because we had this girlfriend connection going and I felt comfortable leaning into that.

Everyone in the class, including myself, was very surprised when she sent back her list of interviewees and I was NOT on it. In fact, I was one of only two people out of 18 who did not get booked on that station. Ouch.

But it was such a great lesson about when it’s not okay to break the rules. You see, I tried to improvise from the beginning. I didn’t spend the time learning the structure and proving the model before deviating from it and getting creative.

And, as I painfully re-discovered, that usually doesn’t work.

If you would like to stop improvising—or scripting—when you speak on stages, teleseminars, webinars and interviews, and, instead, use our Speak-to-Sell Formula, in just three days you could be ready to step into the spotlight with a Signature Talk that you love, Irresistible Offers that sell and the confidence that comes from being ready. If that sounds great to you, join me in Tampa, FL, October 15-17, 2015.

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