25 August 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Create-CredibilityTestimonials and case studies attesting to the power of your work are great ways to prove your credibility, so that your ideal clients feel confident about investing in themselves through working with you.

But what if you’re just starting out in a new field or niche and you don’t have that level of evidence yet?

Never fear, because here are two ways to create credibility at the beginning of a new business—and a third approach that helps entrepreneurs at every stage articulate the power of their work:

  1. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
    Make sure to use all the credibility that you created in previous occupations and highlight the qualities that made you successful. Whether you spent ten years wrangling five year olds as a preschool teacher without losing your cool or you were a rocket scientist, and now you’re teaching online marketing, what were the qualities of being a preschool teacher or rocket scientist that make you the best online marketing teacher ever?

  3. Borrow from your new business category.
    If you’re in a new niche, let’s say you’re a life coach, and you don’t have any testimonials yet, look online for famous or influential people that your ideal clients respect, who are talking about how life coaching changed their life. These “subject matter testimonials” lend credibility to your entire enterprise, and, by extension, to you as well.
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  1. Project a strong offer.
    In order to prove to your ideal clients that you are the “real deal” at any stage in your business development, you need to be clear about what the unique outcome or transformation would be for the client who does your work. How do you do that if you’re just starting out? The questions below will guide you in directly and succinctly articulating what you offer to potential clients…in their words (which is the key!). It’s part of our “Offer Communication” pre-work training series that you receive when you take advantage of our special early-bird pricing for our Speak-to-Sell LIVE Training Bootcamp, which is coming up in October.
  • Choose one client who is your greatest success story. This can be somebody you helped in a past position, or in an unofficial capacity. Whether you were paid or not, this person took your advice and had amazing results, and you’d love to have 100 more clients just like him or her!
  • What specific results did that person get from working with you? What were the specific outcomes? For instance, did Suzanne lose 20 pounds? Did Jonathan improve his relationship with his teenagers? Did Felicia organize her office? Do your best to channel THEIR words.
  • What other transformations happened in your client’s life because of these results? Did Suzanne land an acting role that she had been hoping for? Did Jonathan start sleeping at night and lower his blood pressure. Did Felicia find important documents she thought she’d lost and double her productivity? Again, do your best to say this the way THEY would talk about it.
  • Now, what would have been the cost to the client if he or she had not taken your advice?
    Don’t skip this step. When you pitch your $497 product or your $5,000 service, you have to understand that the cost to somebody not saying yes is high. So really look at and imagine what it would have cost this person if he or she had not worked with you. Would Suzanne still be struggling to make it as an actress and pay her bills? Would Jonathan be locked in endless arguments with his children, damaging their relationship and his health? And would Felicia continue to waste her workday because she can’t find things?

This exercise not only gives you the confidence to be able to project a strong and clear statement of the transformation that you provide, which we call your “offer,” but you now have descriptions of your work that you can use throughout your marketing channels, be it from the stage, on your website, in your book, or when talking directly to your ideal clients.

And speaking of connecting with your ideal clients, these words are also the key to being able to express yourself from live or virtual stages and make your Irresistible Offer pop for those who need you.

Join us for more at Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp, Live in Las Vegas this October! You’ve got a week to grab your early-bird ticket and jump in on our bonus pre-training calls.

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Today’s guest is Dave Dee of GKIC, and his mastery is getting into the heart and mind of your customer quickly, especially using online tools. Dave inspires entrepreneurs and business owners on how to have more successful business that give them more freedom, more money, and more personal fulfillment. On today’s episode we’re going to cover the 4 most powerful questions you can use right away to identify your ideal client and create the perfect lead magnet to attract them through online methods. You’re also going to get a super cool free tool that you can use to see what search words people are using in your industry, plus learn a special technique to show you where your ideal prospect needs help and how can you communicate in a way that stands out to them.

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22 August 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

The telesummit has been our go-to list and mojo building tool for years and has helped many of our clients go from no list to hundreds or thousands of devoted fans and followers in record time.

During a telesummit a host interviews a collection of experts on a specific topic over a period of time, while a virtual audience listens or watches for free.

While most telesummits end up being a huge win for the listeners, sometimes the host has the wrong balance of speaker types and the telesummit doesn’t deliver the leads or mojo that it should have.

When you host your telesummit, make sure to strike the right balance of these four types of speakers:

1. Draw Speakers.
If you’re following our Ultimate Telesummit Formula™, you’re looking for a total of twelve speakers: four a day for your three-day virtual event. You want to get as many people to opt-in to your telesummit as you can, because that grows your list. So, ideally, you want to have two very well-known speakers who will draw in the audience.

2. Content Speakers.
Your draw speakers don’t always provide the best content, so make sure that you have, ideally, three really good content speakers. Your listeners may not have heard of these subject matter experts, but they’re going to love their content. Plus, content speakers often turn out to be great promotional partners. Their smaller but well-targeted lists in your topic area sometimes do way better for you than your draw speakers, who may not even have a mailing list.

3. Reach Speakers.
Reach speakers are experts with a big email list or large social media following in the same ideal client group as you. Often, your reach speakers will be so excited about the opportunity to be on the same lineup as your draw speakers, that they’ll promote the heck out of your event to their substantial list or following. That’s why you want half of your speakers to fall into this category.

4. Positioning Speaker.
The positioning speaker is that one special guest who really represents the promise of your telesummit as a whole, and is another huge draw that can double your opt-ins.

If you want learn a lot more about how to structure your telesummit for ultimate success, I have the opportunity for you. My Ultimate Telesummit Formula training!

17 August 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

One of the ways that I positioned myself quickly and expanded my reach widely is by using a simple tool that requires little technology, the telesummit.

A telesummit is a virtual training, where a host interviews a group of experts on the same topic over a designated period of time, while a virtual audience listens for free.

Hosting your own telesummit is one of the quickest ways to become known in your category and expand your reach, while creating powerful partnerships, ongoing profit, and raving fans.

Are you ready to host your own telesummit and blast your mojo and your email list sky high? Here are 3 ways to tell:

1. Do you want to be known in a specific niche or expert subject area?
When you interview top experts in your field, you’re setting yourself up as an authority and your audience will see you as an expert as well. In fact, hosting a telesummit can put you at the head of the line in your category virtually overnight.

2. Are you in a niche area that doesn’t use telesummits?
Telesummits can be especially lucrative for niches that rarely have access to a collection of experts all in one place and time. I know boutique businesses in industries from personal photography to corporate content development, who are doing seven figures from the leads they’ve collected from telesummits.

3. Do you love to learn?
If you follow our Ultimate Telesummit Formula™, you’re pulling together twelve experts over a three-day period to create your own mini university. So if you weren’t already one of the most knowledgeable experts in your topic area, you will be by the time your telesummit is over. It’s kind of like getting paid to learn from the top people in your industry.
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If all that sounds good to you, and you’d like to learn more about how to host your own telesummit, I want to invite you to attend the first class of my Ultimate Telesummit Formula training at no cost to you. This is not a promo. It’s module 1 of the actual training.

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How-Telesummits-Accelerate-BizYou may have heard that a telesummit can grow your list sky-high and build your credibility in record time – and it can!

But maybe this economical list-building tool never landed for you because you weren’t quite sure what a telesummit was or how it works – let alone how in the world you could possibly pull one off yourself.

And that’s why, today, I’m going to bring everyone into the telesummit tent by answering the top three questions I get about telesummits, so that you can begin to consider whether you might be ready to host one yourself.


  1. First, what is a telesummit?
    A telesummit is a virtual training, where a host pulls together a collection of experts over a designated period of time and interviews each one on the same topic, while an audience watches or listens for free on their computers, tablets or phones. For instance, in my telesummit, “How to Sell to Women,” I interviewed expert guests, asking them to share with our listeners how they made millions serving women at the highest level.

  3. How does a telesummit give you instant credibility?
    A telesummit is an amazing tool for getting known, because, when you interview top experts in your field, your audience will see you as a top expert as well. It’s human nature. In fact, hosting a telesummit can put you on top of the pack…overnight. And if you weren’t already the top expert in your field, by the time you finish interviewing your twelve experts, over three days, as I recommend in my Ultimate Telesummit Formula® you will be by the time your training is over. It’s like hosting a mini university for your audience and yourself!

  5. How does hosting a telesummit build your list?
    If you structure your event as my step-by-step formula recommends, with the perfect balance of the four types of speakers, you and your twelve guests will each promote the chance to listen to the entire telesummit for free to your respective followings, inviting people to opt-in (sign up) for the event. Since it’s free, there’s nothing to lose, so thousands will provide their email address for the opportunity to learn about the hot, specially selected topic from the amazing experts that you’ve gathered. When they opt-in for the event…voilà!… They’re now on YOUR email list! And that’s how you can go from no list to hundreds or thousands of super-targeted devoted fans and followers at the blink of an eye.

I have time to sneak in one more top question, so here goes:

BONUS: If the telesummit is free, how do you make money from it?
Great question. As you interview each guest, you will give the audience free access to the playback of each interview for a 24-hour window. Since it’s difficult for most people to listen to four interviews a day for three days, as a courtesy, you offer the opportunity for the listener to purchase the series so they can listen at their convenience and have the interviews in their success library forever.

But the real money in telesummits is what you do with all the hot, new leads after it’s over. You can offer strategy sessions and make one-on-one high-ticket sales. Or, as we highly recommend, you can position your telesummit so that it leads into the online launch of some other offering. Using our 6-Figure Teleseminar & Webinar Sales System to make an Irresistible Offer™ right after your telesummit finishes is a perfect one-two punch. Plus your ideal clients will thank you for giving them the opportunity to have further support in the topic area of the telesummit. We call this kind of planning “reverse engineering,” and it’s one of the things you become great at in our trainings.

Reverse engineering is only one of the many strategies you will learn from my Ultimate Telesummit Formula. In fact, if you’d like to get a big taste of exactly how to structure your telesummit so that it fills your list with happy, super-qualified, ready-to-buy prospective clients practically overnight, I have something special planned for you. Join me next Wednesday for the first class of my Ultimate Telesummit Formula training at no cost to you. That’s right. It’s module 1 of the actual training. And it takes place on Wednesday, Aug. 17 at 1:00 PM Pacific/4:00 PM Eastern.

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