6 December 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Last year I had the honor to join a bunch of really smart men on stage for an expert panel talking about high-ticket selling. This, as you may know, is a subject dear to my heart because it literally changed my life.

There’s something about attracting and converting right-fit clients into high-end coaching, training, and mentorship packages that just rings my bell. Of course, the money is great and I love the rush of a big sale, but more important is the deep and lasting transformation that almost always seems to accompany a client stretching and saying yes to themselves at a multi-thousand dollar level.

While on stage with these fellow high-end sales experts, something happened that I didn’t expect! You see the guy in the hat? That’s Bill Baren. Like me, Bill is passionate about helping visionary, heart-based entrepreneurs with the desire to positively impact the world and build successful, sustainable businesses.

Something you might not know about Bill is that he used to keep himself safe and comfortable by keeping his prices low. Like many entrepreneurs who are starting into the world of sales, he was so afraid of hearing “NO” from potential clients that he priced his expertise really low so that getting a client never made any difference to his bottom line. Bill went from fear-driven pricing to value-driven mission. He now teaches these same principles to help others make this shift too.

I point him out specifically because admittedly, it’s easy for me to fall into the trap of thinking I’ve heard it all on this topic. But alas, every time Bill opened his mouth on that panel, I found myself taking notes right in front of the whole room. He kept talking about Premium Packages. I realized that it couples so perfectly with what I talk about, high-ticket selling.

lisabillWhen I find a master in an area that is transformational to my life and my business, I make it a priority to learn what they know. Just months later I found myself masterminding with Bill himself. Here’s the thing about Bill, he delivers, over and over again!

That’s why I am so thrilled to be sharing his training with you! You have the opportunity to learn some of what Bill taught me.

Yes, it’s pure gold! In this free training from Bill you’ll learn 5 secrets for going “high end” in your business. If you have any blocks or feel stuck when it comes to selling high-end, get your hands on this. You’ll understand exactly why charging more will actually bring you more clients, more success in your business & dramatically improve the impact you are making.


30 November 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

You know that feeling you get deep down in your belly when you’re going to try something new? It’s like a strange combination of ‘I’m going to be sick’ and ‘Holy cow I’m really making this happen!’ It’s something many entrepreneurs experience, it’s what keeps us moving forward day after day.

Today you’re going to meet a self starting woman who has taken her health and fitness business to new levels. She started with selling classes one at a time and grew into being able to serve people wherever they are in the world in a non-traditional way.

Meet Personal Trainer and Founder of I Luv My BodyFitness, Kristen Nolan. She was running a fitness bootcamp, selling classes for $179 when she realized her clients weren’t committed to the work they were doing together. She began to wonder what she could do to help her clients in way that gave them the support they desired while upleveling her business.

Kristen says “This was going well but I was losing the love for this business because I wasn’t able to serve my clients at the highest level.” Her bootcamp clients just weren’t meeting the goals they set forth for themselves. Something needed to change.

While many clients discover the other business systems we have to offer, such as the 6-Figure Teleseminar & Webinar Sales System, before making a yearlong commitment in the Sales Authenticity and Success Mastermind, also known as the “Sassy Mastermind,” Kristen was serious about learning how to speak to her ideal clients in a way that truly resonated with them. She didn’t want her message to feel canned or “salesy” and she wanted to take immediate action while being supported by an entrepreneurial community.

The teachings and tools of the Sassy Mastermind focus on helping entrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers help more people by overcoming the fear of selling. This resonated with Kristen whose main goal was to build trust in a genuine way so her clients could achieve maximum benefit from her premium wellness packages.

The outcomes have been groundbreaking for Kristen.

“I think bigger, I am more calculated with my marketing approaches, and understand how to dial into my ideal clients’ needs.”

Perhaps the most beneficial system for Kristen, and the piece cited by many Sassy Mastermind members as a pivotal tool for their success, is the Unique Branded System or UBS.

“My UBS, my signature talk, and my message is always growing, becoming more targeted and the clarity gets stronger all the time.”

By learning the Speak to Sell Formula™, Kristen opened herself up to be more available to clients by leveraging Skype to serve more people personally. She was able to transition from selling those monthly fitness classes to offering fitness coaching packages for up to $7500!

This kind of success comes from engaging in the Speak-to-Sell work and taking full advantage of peers engaged in Mastermind. She took action and followed the system! Because Kristen was dedicated to this formula she can now enjoy travelling and working from fun remote locations while providing immense value to her clients at the same time. She’s seeing massive success that keeps her away from burnout that affects many entrepreneurs without a proper support system.

“I was surrounded by an amazing community of women who think bigger than I do to help me have no excuses but to implement!”

Kristen continues to benefit from her Mastermind group and meets monthly with women in her area to troubleshoot and support one another on their entrepreneurial journey.

“I still get nervous and uncomfortable but being the community has helped me develop trust in myself, trust in the process, and trust that everything is working out perfectly for me all the time.”

17 November 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Many entrepreneurs have a big goal, to reach 7 figures, yet few actually hit that mark. The of goal of crossing the one million mark can feel elusive but there is a way to get there. It comes down to have proven structures in place, and sticking to them!

In growing my home based business since 2009 I have created, used and taught my system of leveraging your products, programs and expertise. And this is where it all starts if you want to maximize every opportunity placed in front of you.

If you’re familiar with any of my teachings you may have heard me talk about the Leveraged Progression Plan, this is one of the core tools I teach in depth as part of my Sales Authenticity and Success Mastermind. This is THE foundational structure I inserted into my business to cross the 7 figure mark.

Each system and structure you build and put into place now helps bring your message into the world in a bigger and brighter way. The Leveraged Progression Plan is a piece of our teaching that elevates your Unique Branded System. This priceless gem takes entrepreneurs step-by-step into the seven-figure mark in three years.


I believe we’re always moving forward, however sometimes we start moving forward and we want to do everything all at once. While i’m a firm believer in taking action and being ok with good enough, the reality is that I also think there’s more purpose when you have a plan. That’s why I fall back on my system.

I created this system to show newbie and veteran entrepreneurs alike what is reasonable and realistic as they start taking action to scale their business. This lays out what one step should go before the other to have the highest impact on your bank account.

Build Your Personalized Leveraged Progression Plan

Year 1: Build it. This is the critical time in your business where you put the most important tools in place so you’re ready for every opportunity that comes your way. You will focus on activities like:

The 1, 2, 3 punch of the systems above empower you to be ready for the moment when someone offers you a platform and you can say yes. My team and I have designed these systems to build on your learnings and to set you up to make money along the way while establishing your systems. I find that entrepreneurs who bring in an income while creating their plan are even more effective because they find confidence in early results and seeing their ideal client respond to their offer. It’s such a confidence boost to know you are in demand and offering the perfect product to your perfect client.
You can still make money while you’re building your systems Click To Tweet

Year 2: Get out there. Much of the energy you gave in Year 1 building your core business elements is now freed up, cue the happy dance! Now onto level two, where you really start getting out there and becoming known for your expertise. You will be able to highly leverage your business and really maximize:

  • Speaking on other people’s stages
  • Teleseminars
  • Webinars
  • Collaborating with joint venture partners
  • Begin to attract clients with social media
  • Attend live events where you’ll find great networking

Year 3: Cash in on your mojo. If you follow this path, your products, programs and systems are solidly in place. You have built firm systems and are now reaping the rewards – BIG TIME! You’ve developed a reputation in your field. You have happy paying clients and rockin’ testimonials! Now’s your time to:

  • Host your own live event
  • Start a certification program
  • Automate the successful systems that you’ve put into place

Now you can see that as you work on perfecting your Irresistible Offer it’s like a natural high. Your confidence soars. You start to see stronger and stronger sales conversion. You begin to see how your work can truly help more people than you ever dreamed possible and you fully claim your space or your throne as I like to say.

What are the steps you use to get results with your clients? #SpeakToSell

Posted by Lisa Sasevich on Friday, October 21, 2016

14 November 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

It’s November, and as I scroll through my Facebook and Instagram feeds, I see lots of post from friends participating in the “November Gratitude Challenge” where you post about what you are grateful for once day for 30 days. I love the focus on gratitude especially in the midst of political fervor.

We are doing a similar challenge with my internal team, but there is one small twist. Our challenge is based on The Qualities of Attraction, originally created by Thomas Leonard. Thomas is know as the father of modern professional coaching and was the founder of the International Coaching Federation, the International Association of Coaching, and, was the first coach to be featured on Donahue and in Newsweek, back in the day!

You could say Thomas was a real deal trailblazer that made all of the work coaches do today, possible, to the tune of $2 billion in revenue worldwide each year. Our Elite Coach, Andrea J Lee (we call her AJL) got her start in coaching as a transcriptionist for Thomas, which was a good move because at the time of his death, he’d made her his COO, and she soaked up some serious coaching chops helping design curriculum at the Graduate School of Coaching. “The Qualities of Attraction are at the heart of everything, particularly in scaleable businesses,” AJL says. If you’re ever stuck, chances are, you’ll find a key to get unlocked in this list.

Inspired by the 20 Qualities of Attraction, I asked my team to share a potent moment or memory from the past year that connected to one of these Qualities. My goal was to challenge my team to reflect on what these qualities mean to them and to recognize how they play into our daily lives. As individuals, we’re responsible for bringing both positive and negative influences into our lives. We can consciously choose where we place our focus in effort to attract what we really want.

To kickoff our journey, we have Dawn Andreas, our Director of Marketing. As you read through each of these small moments, I encourage you to breathe and be still as your own stories start to emerge. It’s these micro moments of life that can attract everything you want for the upcoming year.

Quality of Attraction #1: Light-hearted. Because life isn’t something to win.
Sometimes it takes friends, a great dinner, and time around the fire pit (with a few props for fun) to remind you that life isn’t about “getting somewhere” or “winning” at something. It’s times like these that are a reminder to stay lighthearted. Times like these are a reminder to take in the moments and just “be”. #lovemyfriends #firepitglow #framily

Quality of Attraction #2: Loving. Because there is a marked absence of fear.
My mom passed away 9 years ago. She loved birds, and toward the end of her life she spent much of her time in bed watching the birds grab feed and peanuts through her window. She was losing her eyesight, and while she couldn’t see the TV, she could still make out the flutter of the bird’s wings. Since her passing, I find random white feathers at the time I seem to need them most, like this one on my sweater, right before I walked out the door to give a big presentation. I was feeling nervous and unprepared, but seeing this sign reminded me that love was all around and I had nothing to fear. It’s signs like these that keep me focused on loving and remind me my mom is indeed still near.

Quality of Attraction #3: Balanced. Because there is nothing left to juggle.
I think balance is actually an illusion. This picture always reminds me of that. While I am in balance when the shot was taken, I wasn’t in the seconds before or seconds after. When you are living your mission or in love with your work, the path to success will often feel out of balance. Others will tell you that you are working too much or your dream is out of reach. While self care is important, we all know you can’t pour from an empty cup. When you are living on purpose and doing the work that you are called to do each day, you gain more energy than you expend. I say balance is subjective at best. What does your balance look like?

Quality of Attraction #4: Positive. Because it wouldn’t occur to you to be negative.
There are times when only nature can remind us just how incredible life really is. I took this picture (no filter) on one of my weekend runs on the beach. It was one of my first runs back after recovering from an injury, and I was really struggling. (Who’s been there?) Yet through the struggle, I was blown away at how the sun was trying to peek through the clouds; yet the clouds, soft and fluffy, where just enough to hold in the sun. As I ran I was reminded how lucky I was to be running each step. Only a few months back I was facing surgery, and now, I was back to running in this glorious space. Life is incredible, and just waking up every day with the ability to fully participate and experience what is in store for us is a reminder to be positive. Stay positive. Keep exploring. You never know what you will experience until you get out there.

Quality of Attraction #5: Genuine. Because there is nothing left to prove, and all that’s left is you.
I have been an athlete all my life, from intense gymnastics as a kid to an adult life filled with CrossFit and bodybuilding – yes, I said it “bodybuilding”. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been told (many many times) that I shouldn’t lift weights or that I will start to look like a man if I don’t stop. I kindly reject both of those notions. What I know more than anything is that I am most alive when I am moving. I love feeling strong. I love connecting deeply to my body and mind. Gym time is one of the times I am most creative and strategic in my problem solving. Ask my team! They will tell you it’s not unusual for me to start a meeting with “On my run this morning I had this thought…” Being an athlete into my adult life is one of the most genuine things I can do. Choosing to own my whole self and show up fully gives me the power to be fully expressed.

Now it’s your turn. Take a moment to reflect. Grab your journal, your paint brush, your computer, or whatever you create with. Capture everything that’s come to you right now.

Here’s some questions to further support:

  • When was the last time you looked at the photos in your phone or computer? How do they tell a story of where you have come and where you are going? What are the lessons they provide?
  • Over the past year, when did you stop and take a break, solo or with company? How did you feel after you recharged?
  • What sparked a big idea? How can you capture that inspirational moment and harness it next year?

Stay tuned for part two as we all start to attract our own unique qualities into 2017 together. Remember, we’re grateful, we’re here, we’re present, and we’re starting early!

11 November 2016 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

Yep. Most people don’t know this, but I met the now famous online marketing mentor, Jeff Walker, in Palm Springs… and it had nothing to do with business. We made a very intimate connection that has lasted to this day.

It was 2010, and I felt I had a lot of big decisions to make. My marriage was strained, my business was growing fast, and it was time to make the next level of investment if I wanted to grow. Overall, I just felt like I needed to step out of life into an environment that would let me reflect on all of this and help me get clarity. So I enrolled in Tony Robbin’s Date with Destiny week-long training intensive.

Being a person who goes all in, I paid a little extra for the VIP package. It got me seated closer to the stage, which I knew I needed to stay engaged. As it turned out, on the first day, they asked us to pick a buddy. Through the group I saw a tall, thin guy with gray hair and a friendly face waiving my way. I smiled and gave him a thumbs up through the crowd and thought to myself, “He looks familiar.”

They gave us a chance to introduce ourselves to our new buddy, and low and behold, it was Jeff Walker. Would I really be able to share my personal thoughts and feelings all week with one of those online marketing dudes?

My concerns about relating to Jeff couldn’t have been less warranted. As the days passed and we shared about everything from our passion projects to our outdoor interests (of which Jeff has a lot!), our visions for our families, businesses, and missions in the world. It happened. I feel in love with Jeff Walker. And the amazing part, it wasn’t until we shared sushi on the very last day that we talked about the technicalities of our businesses for the first time.

Jeff was a fantastic listener, shared generously all week, and brought me much needed insight from being 10 years ahead of me in marriage, parenting and business. It was a few years later that I had the opportunity to swap some coaching with Jeff. I helped him with our 3-day Event Profit Secrets Model, and Jeff walked me through how his Product Launch Formula works.

Jeff took action right away and as he would say, “Crushed it” at his live event, serving hundreds and making millions. I’m embarrassed to say that I wasn’t as fast on the uptake. I was so comfortable with our proven teleseminar and webinar launch system that I hesitated to follow his 3-part video launch system, Product Launch Formula (aka PLF).

And then, last year, I thought to myself……what if I pour my proven Speak-to-Sell Signature Talk into the PLF structure and use that for our big launch of the year. I mean, I’d been testing my talk for 6 years, the stories were great, people got it, and it was inspiring my ideal clients to take action.

So I went through PLF, followed Jeff’s amazingly simple structure, and to my own surprise and delight, we did our first online million dollar launch of our Speak-to-Sell program! It felt SO good to serve over 1,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world with our work. And this finally happened because I followed Jeff’s system!

So now I’m in love with Jeff Walker for two reasons: he’s a genuine, caring, passionate person, and his Product Launch Formula transformed our business. Nuff said 😉

The Product Launch Formula helps entrepreneurs get their products, services, or even their businesses online for the first time. Don’t let your inner gremlins stop you. If you don’t have a list or a product, this is a system that can support you in getting your work out into the world for the first time. Once a year, Jeff gives his full PLF Blueprint download for free – AND IT’S HAPPENING NOW! The download includes a video training series to walk you through what an online launch looks like and how it can help grow or kickoff your business.

Grab this free launch workshop from Jeff before he takes it down.