28 February 2012 |   Posted by Lisa Sasevich

When you give your prospects everything they need to make a decision on the spot about whether to move forward with your product or service — including offering an incentive to act right away — you’re doing an even greater service than you may realize.

You’re helping your prospects step into their Great Me. I was reading the classic children’s book The Little Me and The Great Me, by Lou Austin to my son the other night. And I really appreciate the concept that you have a choice at every moment whether you want to be The Little Me or The Great Me.

Your prospects have that choice as well. And they’ve come to you for a reason. You have the opportunity to help them say YES to the transformation they hunger for.

That’s why I say it’s a disservice to your prospects to not make an Irresistible Offer. If you don’t give them a powerful incentive to act now, embracing their transformation may just remain an item on their to-do list forever.

So step into your own Great Me. Serve your clients at the highest level by helping to move them to chose.

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