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3 Ways to Avoid Common Telesummit Pitfalls

PeoplehandsupTelesummits are a great way to build your list and your mojo, but a lot of people forget that they should also lead to committed customers. That’s why, when we created our own telesummit formula, we made sure that it was built around you providing great value, building your list, getting you visible, but ultimately that it got the job done in advance by helping you turn all those new, interested parties into invested clients. Accomplishing that is actually easy if you avoid the major telesummit pitfalls by doing these 3 things:  

  1. Know where your telesummit is going. Too many times, people plan a large telesummit, which in and of itself isn’t always the biggest money-making opportunity, and they forget that it’s the launch that’s right after the telesummit that can really make their virtual event pay off. Avoid that pitfall by making sure that your telesummit is leading into the launch of some other offering, such as a webinar or teleseminar preview call, and then be sure to seed for that launch throughout your telesummit to all
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Make a Mint From Your Telesummit

By hosting telesummits, entrepreneurs are adding hundreds or thousands of people to their lists, while becoming known as the de facto expert in their field. moneytelesummitIf that sounds great, but you’re wondering how to make money hosting a telesummit, here are three ways: 1. Sell the series. After the free recordings play, usually for a 24- to 48-hour window, all of those who opted-in are invited to purchase the series for a nominal fee. Often, people who know they can’t attend the series will even pay for it in advance. 2. Use the qualified leads. The real money in telesummits is what you do with the leads you collected from all of those opt-ins. If you’re followed our model, your leads will want what you’re offering, so going directly into an online launch is a slam-dunk. Or you can offer strategy sessions and make one-on-one high-ticket sales. 3. Offer the program as a hot bonus. Once you finish your telesummit, you have a high-quality packaged program that can help make your future programs irresistible ... More


Is Hosting a Telesummit Right for You?

Hosting your own telesummit is one of the quickest ways to own your space and expand your reach, while creating powerful partnerships, ongoing profit, and raving fans. A telesummit is a virtual event, where a host interviews a group of experts on the same topic over a designated period of time, while a virtual audience listens for free. Here are 3 ways to figure out if you’re ready to host one yourself: 1. Do you want to be known in a specific niche or expert subject area? A telesummit is an amazing tool for getting known, because, when you interview top experts in your field, your audience will see you as an authority as well. In fact, hosting a telesummit can put you on top of the pack...overnight. 2. Are you in a niche area that doesn’t use telesummits? Telesummits can be especially lucrative for niches that rarely have access to a collection of experts all in one place and time. I know boutique businesses that are doing seven figures from the leads they’ve collected from telesummits. 3. Do you love to learn? ... More


Who to Feature in Your Telesummit

Who-to-feature-Telesummit.jpgA telesummit is primarily a list-building event, where a host interviews a collection of experts on a specific topic over a designated period of time, while a virtual audience tunes in for free. While most telesummits end up being a huge win-win-win for the listeners, the guest experts and the host, occasionally you’ll hear hosts complain that their telesummit didn’t deliver the leads or mojo that they’d hoped for. With a little deeper investigation, I usually find that if a telesummit had disappointing results, it wasn’t mercury in retrograde, the stars, or fate. The problem, almost always, was the wrong balance of speaker types. That’s right. An optimal balance of the four different types of speakers will not only help you attract your ideal clients, but will encourage them to stick around, learn as much as they can, and eventually invest to go deeper with you. If you’re following our Ultimate Telesummit Formula, you’re looking for 12 speakers: four a day for your three-day virtual event.   Here are those four types of speakers that you want on your telesummit lineup:  

  1. Draw
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Design a Business You Will Love

People often get really great at attracting and converting leads, but then don’t take enough time to contemplate if they will love delivering what they sold. For example, let’s say a coach gets up on stage and, and using our Speak-to-Sell formula, sells a $2,500 package of ten private sessions to 20 people in a small room. Of course, it’s really fun to process $50,000 of orders from one day on the stage, but the love gets lost when she has to put 200 coaching calls into her schedule over the next 6 months! Oops. She forgot to consider the impact on her life. So, to design a business that you’re going to love forever, here are 4 key questions to ask yourself to make sure that your Irresistible Offer serves your business as well as your life. 1. What is the transformation you want to provide? What is the outcome that your clients will get from working with you? 2. How will you deliver that outcome? What structures can deliver that transformation? And, which one would you most enjoy? For ... More