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How to Fill Your Workshops and Live Events with Perfect Prospects

When attendees walk through the doors of your live event for the first time it’s an instant rush and a warm welcome to your brand and business. You’ve probably heard me talk about 2D and 3D communities, where live events or workshops take the tribe you’ve built to a whole new level. When you all get together in one room, share some hugs, deepen content and create great experiences you’re building long lasting relationships and unforgettable experiences. Building your own 3D community through education based workshops is one of the most powerful strategies I use for growth – especially in this economy! Live events are a driving force in my business and I am blessed to say our events have sold out since 2009. In a recent chat with Callan Rush she shared the latest research indicates that women are either making or directly influencing over 80% of consumer purchasing decisions right now. And female consumers love to gather in groups at workshops and seminars! You can see the success of this model by just ... More


Apply the Power of Two in Your Business

The magic in my business really happens for me when I get out from behind my computer, suit up, and show up to connect with people live. This is true whether I’m speaking on the stage or sitting in the audience at someone else’s event, drinking it all in. In fact, attending a live event can energize you and your business in a ton of different ways. With other attendees you can co-promote, find joint venture partners, and mastermind. You can take them on as clients, get booked to speak through them, give and get referrals. Not to mention the infusion of new energy and ideas that the content will provide.   Now, what if you could multiply all that by the power of two? You can, simply by bringing a friend or colleague with you to a live event. bring-a-friend Here are three ways that you and your friend or colleague can super-power your business and connections by attending a live event together: Double the Perspective. We all learn and see the world differently, so even though you’re having ... More


5 Ways to Maximize Social Media during Live Events

Over the past 4 years of attending Lisa's events I've found one of the biggest benefits is the connections you make. From fellow attendees, to sponsors, presenters and special event guests, I've built lifelong connections that are priceless. I've been happy to to help take these connections to the next level by using social media to stay in touch and maximize networking even after I've left the event.

The biggest hurdle for maximizing this powerful networking opportunity is getting ready for the event, and I'm not just talking about packing your bag. I'm talking about shaking off those pre-event jitters; having your business card ready; AND ensuring your phone is ready to rock social media! You with me? Let's do this!

As you get ready to head to Speak-to-Sell Live, here's some things you can do right now. Let's get the fun started!

#1 Join the Facebook Community

The party starts here! Join the official Facebook event by following these simple steps:

  1. Register your ticket for Speak-to-Sell Live
  2. Jump over to the Facebook event that we created specifically for
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What to Sell When You Speak

A lot of people ask me what they should sell in various speaking environments—or what they should do if they're told they can't sell at all.

I'm going to make this decision super easy for you, so that you can start getting the right tools together and be ready for any situation.

Directly from our "Leveraged Progression Plan for Speakers" here is what to offer in three different speaking scenarios:


When You Can't Sell, Give, Give, Give If you only have 30 minutes or less to speak, that's generally not enough time to develop and deliver an effective Irresistible Offer™. So if you don't have enough time to give a solid talk, or if you've been told that you can't sell at all, what you want to do, instead, is give, give, give, and collect leads to connect with later.

To collect those leads, you can do a raffle or a drawing for one of your products or services—which gives you the opportunity to unabashedly promote the prize, since you have to let them know what they could win.

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Creating An Online Digital Product? Do This First…

Contributed by Eben Pagan

Over the past 15 years, I've built more than a dozen online businesses, all of which used digital products (ebooks, DVDs, MP3s, online Membership Sites, etc.) to deliver my teaching.

In the process of building these products, I've discovered a set of critical elements that must be done right, and in the right order, if you want to succeed.

If you get all of these elements right and in the right order, you have success. If you get even ONE of them wrong, it can cause you to fail.

I call this the "Critical Path Of Success."


Imagine a car.

Now imagine all the things that must work in order for the car to work.

First, the battery must work. Then, the engine must work. Then the transmission. The wheels and tires. The electrical system. The gas pedal and so on...

If ANY of these elements doesn't work, the entire car doesn't work.

And just like a car, if any of the key elements in your Critical Path doesn't work, your entire business doesn't work! Now when it comes to

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