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Productivity and Sales Conversion

As entrepreneurs, we’re changing the world. Together we’re creating new jobs in every market. We’re improving the lifestyles of our customers and most importantly, we’re doing our passion work. There is one key ingredient that drastically impacts our business success: Productivity. Without it our goals slip away, our profits decline and our passions fade with frustration. Productivity is on the decline, recently here in the US productivity has dropped to less than 1%! While this may be shocking there are steps we can take to ensure this trend doesn’t affect our businesses. How we invest our time is a conscious choice. We control our calendars. We control who we say Yes and No to. Reminder, it’s ok to say no sometimes


The template that changed this entrepreneur’s life…

What if I could give you access to the roadmap that would literally lead you to financial freedom and all you had to do was get in your car and merge onto the highway? Would you believe it? Would you be jumping at the chance to peek at the map? Well, I’ll tell you that such a map DOES indeed exist and I’ll share how one entrepreneur used it to drive her business earnings to $4 million in five years. Dr. Venus, founder of the Black Women’s Millionaires Movement, has been a long-time student of mine. She recently told me that, of all the resources she’s received from our work together, one teaching stands out as the most important in her entrepreneurial toolbox. This tool is the roadmap, I call Tic-Tac-Dough, and you too can learn how to use it to up your business game during my upcoming Event Profit Secrets 2.0 training. “Tic-Tac-Dough tells you what to say during events, where to plug it in the schedule, when to make your offer, ... More


3 Keys to Crack the Code to Growth This Year

You've probably heard that "It takes money to make money"—and it's true. But if you're struggling to turn the profits you want to, then you may be wondering exactly where you should be investing your money to successfully grow your business. There is a fine balance between spending and saving, and today, I'll walk you through how to strike that balance effectively. Here are three keys to striking the right balance between spending and saving, so you can crack the code to growth this year. 1. Invest Wisely. This isn't just about spending. It's about investing wisely. It's about making smart business decisions so your investments pay off. As a smart, mission-driven entrepreneur, consider investing in:  

  • Education and mentorship. Knowledge and the right guidance can put you in the express lane to success, financial stability, and personal freedom. Plus, a learning environment can provide new connections and spark creativity!
  • A virtual assistant. Stop doing the tasks that drain you and take time away from the powerful work you get paid for. A virtual assistant can check your phone messages, answer emails,
... More


Entrepreneur Cindy Kerr Shares how Community Changed Her Business

Hey it’s Lisa Sasevich here with yet another success story! If you’ve been offering your services up free of charge for one reason or another keep reading. Cindy’s story is going to inspire you to reach new levels in your business. I’m going to hand it over to her to share about the exponential business growth she created with support and tools within the Sales, Authenticity & Success Mastermind, AKA Sassy. What do you feel was your biggest need as an entrepreneur when you were introduced to Lisa's products? My greatest need when introduced to Lisa’s products was to create a prosperous livelihood I loved! I wanted to synthesize my lifetime of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and passion about helping people heal wholistically (as a “whole” being). I needed a way to articulate this information and organize it into a tangible, viable, serviceful, creative and abundant business. What personal and professional expectations did you have when you joined the Sassy Mastermind? Sassy was actually my lifeline that gave me HOPE for my future when I first joined. My life ... More


How to Have Better Conversations to Boost Sales

When was the last time you had an unmistakably good conversation--one where you felt heard, understood, and deeply in tune with the other person? And when was the last time you walked away from a conversation feeling better than you felt before it started -- intellectually stimulated, energized, and fired up? I’m willing to bet a few meaningful experiences came to mind in a flash. Because there’s nothing quite like a good conversation to get you thinking, change your perspective on something, and create a spark of inspiration. The best conversations stir the soul and they make us come alive. There’s a sense of intimacy we feel when engaged in good conversation that reminds us of our humanity. We’ve all experienced it and we all crave more of it. Yet, despite how much we value and appreciate good conversations with friends, family, and the occasional stranger on an airplane, sales conversations often bring an entirely different experience to mind. If you think effective sales conversations are slick and scripted or believe high-pressure tactics are the key to success, you’re not alone. But the truth is, ... More