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Say Yes When You Can in Your Business

I’m going to be telling this story for a long, long time. I raised my paddle at a charity event a while ago, and bam, there I was at another amazing experience in Las Vegas. Dinner, spa, golf, and the “Donny and Marie” show. It was going to be a magical weekend. And it was, but there was a bit of a hiccup that ended in an important lesson for your business, which I share in the 2-minute video. But just to set the stage a little bit first... So we arrive to play golf, and not being people who play regularly, we weren’t up on the culture. We walked in and they said, "We can't take you in jeans, and you need a collared shirt." We were wearing jeans and a t-shirt. So there we were, it was our tee time, we had donated thousands of dollars at the charity event to get this prize; we had flown to Las Vegas, and they were pretty much ready to let us walk away....  Say Yes When ... More


What to Look For in a Mentor

Look-for-in-MentorThere is no question that, without my mentors, I would not be where I am today, operating a home-based business that has done more than $30 million in sales, while helping people around the world. I feel truly blessed. You have to have people in your life who can see your blind spots...AND who can see your greatness and lead you to more. This may surprise you, but every time the perfect mentor showed up in my life, the timing was inconvenient and the investment was not comfortable, to say the least. And that’s why I quickly learned not to use “comfort” or “convenience” as indicators of whether to take action. So what criteria DID I use when looking for the right mentor for me? Here are five of the questions that I asked myself. I suggest that you consider doing the same or tweak the questions to fit what’s important to you.

  1. Do they have a specific and proven business strategy? You have a vision, right? Even if it’s not clearly defined yet, you want to know
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Empower Each Other by Sharing Your Wins

As entrepreneurs, we’re always looking toward what we’re going to create, and rarely, if ever, do we pause to acknowledge what we have achieved. Share your Wins for More Positivity and ProductivityWhile it is important to keep our eyes trained forward most of the time, if we never recognize how far we’ve come as entrepreneurs, we can get discouraged. It’s a bit like sailing on the ocean, where the horizon keeps moving, so you never feel as though you get anywhere. That’s why, at the beginning of our monthly Sassy Mastermind group calls, we do a practice that I call “sharing your wins.” We take the time to tell each other the major things that we have accomplished in our businesses since we last came together. Sharing your wins is also a powerful way to start in-house meetings with your team or any group calls that you’re leading. Here are three other reasons why: 1. It starts the call or meeting on a positive and energizing note. When team or group members are encouraged to share what they’ve accomplished and are ... More


Episode 32 – Listen. Act. Trust.

On today’s show, Lisa walks through her core principles of “Listen. Act. Trust.” in the context of getting your work online – allowing yourself to be your best self and help more people, make more money, and create the life you want. This is the fastest way to grow your reach, impact and sales!

  • Lisa didn’t even have set up until after she first hit $2 million in sales in a year!
    • She first got her work online and attracted new clients by inviting them to a teleseminar or webinar, which you can host with the tools you already have – your phone and computer! This allowed her to make her irresistible offer to people all over the world, without having to leave the comfort of her home.
  • Listen. Act. Trust.
    • Listen to the taps. Don’t wait for the 2 x 4.
    • If you are getting signs that it’s time to get out there in a bigger way – you need to listen to that tap, and then act on it!
  • You have to make
... More


Powerful Positioning

powerful-positioningWhen it comes to presentations, be they in front of live audiences or virtually via powerful tools like teleseminars or webinars, people often worry the most about the last 15 minutes, when it's time to make an Irresistible Offer or invitation to work with you or come in for a consult. But if you ignore the beginning of your presentation, your audience might never even hear the end …so maybe it's best we focus on that for a moment. The key to keeping your audience on the line or in the room is to create a strong first impression by employing what I call "positioning" in the first 15 minutes or so of your live group presentation, preview call or webinar. Positioning means that you put yourself and your work in the most advantageous view, and you want to do that in the following 5 areas. Here are those 5 P's for Powerful Positioning:  

  1. Position yourself. Right off the bat, you want to position yourself for credibility. You want your audience to see you as someone who is well
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