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How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Jerry Seinfeld has a joke about the fear of public speaking that goes like this: “I saw a study that said speaking in front of a crowd is the number one fear of the average person. Number two was death. This means to the average person, if you have to go to a funeral, you would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy.” If this sentiment applies to you, don’t worry. I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and I can tell you with absolute certainty, you already have everything you need to overcome your fear of public speaking. The first thing I want you to know about public speaking is that it is not a unique talent. It is a skill that you can learn, and master with practice. Think of the best speaker you’ve ever seen. They were not always that good. They struggled, they learned, they honed their craft. They become a great speaker. They weren’t born that way. In fact, when they were born, I can assure you they couldn’t speak at all. If you truly want ... More


Why Every New Entrepreneur Should Start Speaking

As a heart-centered entrepreneur, whether you are launching a new business, or trying to make the quantum leap you know you are capable of, you have an incredibly powerful tool at your disposal that costs you nothing and is uniquely yours: your voice. By using your experience, your expertise, and your voice to speak to groups, either large or small, you can build a solid foundation and kick-start your growth.   What Is Speaking? Let’s get rid of a few misconceptions first. First, we aren’t talking about The State of the Union or a Commencement Address here. Speaking does not have to be done in a formal or lavish setting for it to be effective. In fact, as an entrepreneur, expert, or business owner, you use your speaking skills in multiple contexts every day. The same speaking skills you use to convey your message to a small group gathered in your living room are the same ones you use in a conference room, creating a webinar, participating in a conference call, or up on stage in front of hundreds of attendees who have paid ... More


Discover how this lifelong entrepreneur achieved personal freedom and aims for seven figures in two years

You may have heard entrepreneur Jonathan Christian speak about his business success live on my stage. But as with most business owners, his path to success wasn’t the easiest nor was it necessarily the most expected. In 2008, a severe car accident changed his life in an instant. A challenging road to recovery followed, including a surgery to completely rebuild his neck which left him unable to work for over a year. Jonathan was stuck at home to heal and feeling the stress of being self-employed with mounting bills. Little did he know, the scope of his business was about to shift as the result of an interesting influence. He found himself turning to social media as a means of staying in touch with the outside world and soon realized that such emerging technologies could benefit his small business clients. “That’s where my blog started and 275 blogs later, I’m still writing, teaching people how to leverage their story in such a way that people want more.” ... More


Entrepreneurial Self-Care: How to Make “Me” Time When You’re Already Stressed Out and Stretched Thin

As an entrepreneur, you've undoubtedly heard the buzzwords: "self-care" and "’me’ time." By now, you probably know you need them, in order to live a happy and balanced life. But you also know that creating the type of personal freedom you crave requires hard work. You may be wondering how to get everything done and fit in self-care and ‘me’ time. I have good news: hard work and self-care do not have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, creating the time and space for self-care is critical if you want to achieve your biggest goals … and enjoy the journey along the way!   What IS Self-Care, Exactly? "Self-care" describes any actions you take to identify and meet your own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.   Why Is Self-Care So Important? Research from the British Psychological Society confirms that we don’t make good decisions when we're burned out. Yet ambitious, goal-driven people often push right on through the overwhelm, even when they are really stressed. And let’s face it: most entrepreneurs are stressed, to some degree. Let’s take a quick ... More


A Sizzle Reel: 4 Reasons You Need One (and How to Make it Hot!)

What if I told you that as a heart-centered entrepreneur or expert, you have one of Hollywood's most important tools right at your fingertips? You do! When producers are getting ready to market their movie, what do they do? They create a short-but-powerful trailer that makes audiences crave that movie. In darkened theaters, people whisper, "I can't wait to see that," or "That looks good." This my friend, is a prime example of attraction marketing. The trailer is one of Hollywood's most important tools. So what does that have to do with you? Well, trailers aren't just for movies. As an entrepreneur, you can create your own "trailer" … one that builds your credibility, positions you as an expert, and ensures you get your message across to your most important audiences. It's called a Sizzle Reel, and basically, it's an entrepreneur's trailer, press kit, speaker one-sheet, and bio … all wrapped into one powerful video. (A quick note: This is different than a promo video. Basically, a promo video is very short, and it creates emotional engagement. The Sizzle Reel, on the ... More