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My Two Favorite Hiring Questions

Fave-Hiring-QuestionsAs you gear up for the new year, you may be looking to expand and bring on new members to your team. Of course, when you do so, you’re going to have to ask certain questions in order to discover which applicant is the best fit. It can be challenging to get the information you require, so to help you do so, try adding my two favorite hiring questions to your mix:   1. How much compensation do you need? How much would make you happy? Some companies wait to talk about compensation until the end of the hiring process, but I think it’s really important to find out early in the interview, before you waste too much time, how much the applicant needs. You see, there’s the level of compensation that a person needs for basic survival, and then there’s the figure that would make the applicant happy. For instance, a person might need $60,000 a year to meet her obligations and she couldn’t consider a position that paid her less than that. But she’d be happy if she were making $85,000. Now, of ... More


The Niche Test – How to find a niche that’s guaranteed to pay

Contributed by Eben Pagan Eben Over the past 15 years, I've built more than a dozen online businesses, all of which used digital products (ebooks, DVDs, MP3s, online Membership Sites, etc.) to deliver my teaching. In the process of building these products, I've discovered a set of critical elements that must be done right in order to succeed. If you get all of these elements right (in the right order), you have success. If you get even ONE of them wrong, it can cause you to fail. I call this the "Critical Path Of Success." Imagine a car. Now imagine all the things that must work in order for the car to work. First, the battery must work. Then, the engine must work. Then the transmission. The wheels and tires. The electrical system. The gas pedal and so on... If ANY of these elements doesn't work, the entire car doesn't work. And just like a car, if any of the key elements in your Critical Path doesn't work, your entire business doesn't work! Now when it comes to building a successful digital products business, the first Critical Path element is finding ... More


Close the Loops in Your Business

Are you “thinking about” taking some additional training or going to a particular event? decisionYou know it would be valuable, which is why you haven’t said no, but you haven’t said yes, yet, either. That’s an example of an “open loop.” An open loop is anything where you don’t have a date, you don’t have a decision, or you don’t have a plan for how some kind of decision or choice is going to get tied down. The problem is that nothing can happen until you make a decision yes or no. Until you close that loop, you can’t move forward, and you can’t move on either. Open loops are huge drains on your energy. Our brains are wired to get things done and they love completion, so when something is hanging out there as a possibility, it’s going to keep recurring in our minds until we resolve it. That’s why in our business we came up with a simple tool to close our open loops in team meetings, and it can help ... More


It’s Not a Sale

So many times, people will say to me, "Oh, my God. I did a strategy session. I just made a sale." I'll say, "Great. Is it a pay in full or a payment plan?" "Well, I don't know,” they’ll say. “They're going to call me back once they get their tax refund." That’s when I have to say, "That’s not a sale. That's a great conversation, a very inspiring conversation, but it’s not a sale.” It is not a sale until payment is rendered. It doesn't matter how much they love you and that they're going to come and work with you when their house sells or when they get their Christmas bonus. Or they may say yes, and they're going to check with their husband. Those are not sales. It is not a sale until—and unless—payment is rendered.


People Not Moving Forward To Invest With You? Try This

It's Michele PW, Lisa's personal copywriter and also your roving reporter at Lisa Sasevich's "Speak-to-Sell LIVE" Event…East Coast style! We're getting ready to wrap up our first ever Speak-to-Sell on the East Coast, and the energy here has been absolutely incredible. It's been so amazing watching the transformations taking place in the room -- in fact, it's incredible the shifts that can take place in 3 short days. I grabbed Lisa to have her shoot one final Backstage Pass for you that's really, well, backstage. You'll have to check it out. And she also shares her very best exercise she does before she launches a product or program or gets on stage.

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