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Are You Lifting with Your Weakest Muscles?

Have you ever noticed how, in business, we sometimes try to do our heavy lifting with our weakest muscles? massiveWe strike out in new areas instead of utilizing the strengths we've already developed. I see this often in my newly joined Sales, Authenticity and Success mastermind members. People with decades of experience and expertise in a particular area, say leadership, initially don’t embrace their leadership strengths when transitioning to being an entrepreneur, but, instead, venture into other areas. 

 I have to encourage them to take all of those developed leadership muscles and apply them as an entrepreneur, so that their leadership expertise forms the basis of their business. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't try new things—especially if you haven't been doing what you truly love to do. 

 I just think it's far too common for women, especially, to discount what we know. We think that what we already know isn't good enough or strong enough, when it's often the most valuable gift we could offer. Or we fail to see how massive and valuable the contribution we ... More


Are You Chasing Squirrels in Your Business?

For entrepreneurs there are a lot of “bright shiny objects” out there distracting us. There are interesting requests and even trainings that may capture our attention, but won’t further the ultimate goals of our business. We may get caught up in dramas playing out in social media, or spend hours acquiring the latest and greatest piece of technology that we don’t actually need. In my Sales, Authenticity & Success Mastermind (aka Sassy), we call these distractions “squirrels.” This comes from a scene in the movie “Up,” where a bunch of dogs are gaining on the bad guy, when, all of a sudden, one of the dogs sees a squirrel, gets distracted, and they all go off in a different direction to chase it. They lose focus, and their goal slips away. Sound familiar? That’s why I developed this focusing tool for my Sassies, called the Sassy Power Hour. Sassy Power Hour This tool supports my Sassies in having three different hour-long blocks during the week, when they are specifically focused on creating the business structure we teach. While we use ... More


5 Must-Haves for Your Sponsor Booth

Recently I was at the Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference to speak to their awesome people about making Irresistible Offers™. I was also a sponsor of the conference, and my team and I decided that it would be fun to take you behind the scenes and show you how we set up our sponsorship booth for maximum effect. In this 3-minute video, I walk you through the highlights of our booth, and then just below are your takeaways: your 5 Sponsor Booth Must-Haves: 5 Must-Haves for Your Sponsor Booth

Recently I was at the Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference to speak to their awesome people about making Irresistible Offers™. I was also a sponsor of the conference. Here's a quick walk through and the highlights of our booth.

Posted by Lisa Sasevich on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 1. A visual draw. We actually have two. A life-size Lisa Sasevich poster, situated so that people coming down the hall will see it and say, "Hey, there's that Lisa Sasevich person I heard about." And our booth itself, which is light and bright, with its purple, turquoise and green. ... More


Why Teleseminars and Webinars Could Be Your Secret Weapon

Teleseminars-Secret-WeaponSeveral years ago when I launched my business, I had a newborn and a three year old at home. I was the breadwinner of my family, and I was constantly struggling to keep all the balls in the air that I was juggling. Today, my kids are quite a bit older, I'm still the breadwinner and I'm still working from home, but my business is thriving to the tune of having now done more than $30 million in sales. Plus, I'm touching people all over the world - all while taking a yummy amount of vacation time. People ask me all the time, how in the world do I do it all? The truth is, I do have a secret weapon. I use a very simple tool over and over again: the teleseminar and webinar. Teleseminars are audio trainings that are given over the telephone that people from all over the world can listen to. I've had people from 134 different countries listening in! A webinar is similar, but adds a visual element, with your viewers sitting in front of their ... More


You Only Need These 3 Sales Systems

There’s a misconception out there that some people are good at sales and some people aren’t, and there’s not much you can do about it. Well, that just isn’t true. Sales effectiveness is really just a matter of having proven structures. And there are really only three areas that you need those structures for: One-to- one: The place to begin is with your one-to- one high-ticket selling system, where the prospective client does most of the talking while you’re listening. We want entrepreneurs to start with this, because it’s like getting paid to do market research. You’re making sales while you learn about their biggest concerns, aspirations and dreams, and they’re telling you exactly what they need and how you can help them. This structure can also be very lucrative. Using our high-ticket selling system, many of our clients are closing 20–25% of their calls. So it can take fewer than two sales a week, at the $2,000-plus level, to turn that six-figure- a-year dream into a reality! One-to- many: This is your structure for selling while you’re speaking on live stages or teleseminars and webinars. Here, ... More