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Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing

Last year I had the honor to join a bunch of really smart men on stage for an expert panel talking about high-ticket selling. This, as you may know, is a subject dear to my heart because it literally changed my life. There's something about attracting and converting right-fit clients into high-end coaching, training, and mentorship packages that just rings my bell. Of course, the money is great and I love the rush of a big sale, but more important is the deep and lasting transformation that almost always seems to accompany a client stretching and saying yes to themselves at a multi-thousand dollar level. While on stage with these fellow high-end sales experts, something happened that I didn’t expect! You see the guy in the hat? That’s Bill Baren. Like me, Bill is passionate about helping visionary, heart-based entrepreneurs with the desire to positively impact the world and build successful, sustainable businesses. Something you might not know about Bill is that he used to keep himself safe and comfortable by keeping his prices low. ... More


Meet a Fitness Instructor using High Ticket Selling to Earn $7500+ per Skype Session

You know that feeling you get deep down in your belly when you’re going to try something new? It’s like a strange combination of ‘I’m going to be sick’ and ‘Holy cow I’m really making this happen!’ It’s something many entrepreneurs experience, it’s what keeps us moving forward day after day. Today you’re going to meet a self starting woman who has taken her health and fitness business to new levels. She started with selling classes one at a time and grew into being able to serve people wherever they are in the world in a non-traditional way. Meet Personal Trainer and Founder of I Luv My BodyFitness, Kristen Nolan. She was running a fitness bootcamp, selling classes for $179 when she realized her clients weren’t committed to the work they were doing together. She began to wonder what she could do to help her clients in way that gave them the support they desired while upleveling her business. Kristen says “This was going well but I was losing the love for this business because I ... More


How to Realistically Reach 7 Figures in 3 Years

Many entrepreneurs have a big goal, to reach 7 figures, yet few actually hit that mark. The of goal of crossing the one million mark can feel elusive but there is a way to get there. It comes down to have proven structures in place, and sticking to them! In growing my home based business since 2009 I have created, used and taught my system of leveraging your products, programs and expertise. And this is where it all starts if you want to maximize every opportunity placed in front of you. If you’re familiar with any of my teachings you may have heard me talk about the Leveraged Progression Plan, this is one of the core tools I teach in depth as part of my Sales Authenticity and Success Mastermind. This is THE foundational structure I inserted into my business to cross the 7 figure mark. Each system and structure you build and put into place now helps bring your message into the world in a bigger and brighter way. The Leveraged Progression Plan is a piece of our teaching that ... More


Life’s Journey and Guide to Attracting What You Want

It’s November, and as I scroll through my Facebook and Instagram feeds, I see lots of post from friends participating in the “November Gratitude Challenge” where you post about what you are grateful for once day for 30 days. I love the focus on gratitude especially in the midst of political fervor. We are doing a similar challenge with my internal team, but there is one small twist. Our challenge is based on The Qualities of Attraction, originally created by Thomas Leonard. Thomas is know as the father of modern professional coaching and was the founder of the International Coaching Federation, the International Association of Coaching, and, was the first coach to be featured on Donahue and in Newsweek, back in the day! You could say Thomas was a real deal trailblazer that made all of the work coaches do today, possible, to the tune of $2 billion in revenue worldwide each year. Our Elite Coach, Andrea J Lee (we call her AJL) got her start in coaching as a transcriptionist for Thomas, which was a good move because at ... More


My secret love affair with Jeff Walker

Yep. Most people don’t know this, but I met the now famous online marketing mentor, Jeff Walker, in Palm Springs… and it had nothing to do with business. We made a very intimate connection that has lasted to this day. It was 2010, and I felt I had a lot of big decisions to make. My marriage was strained, my business was growing fast, and it was time to make the next level of investment if I wanted to grow. Overall, I just felt like I needed to step out of life into an environment that would let me reflect on all of this and help me get clarity. So I enrolled in Tony Robbin’s Date with Destiny week-long training intensive. Being a person who goes all in, I paid a little extra for the VIP package. It got me seated closer to the stage, which I knew I needed to stay engaged. As it turned out, on the first day, they asked us to pick a buddy. Through the group I saw a tall, thin ... More