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Episode 35 – How To Make Passive Income Through Automated Systems

You landed on this page because you really WANT to know how to make passive income. That’s good because Lisa Sasevich has a guy on this episode of her podcast that can give you the straight scoop on making passive income through automated systems. His name is Mike Koenigs and he’s been working on internet projects since the days of AOL. Mike created some amazing ways to generate leads automatically and passively generate sales to solve his own problems. His systems worked so well he’s made them available to the general public. If you take the next 30 or so minutes to listen to this conversation you’re not only going to hear what Mike has done, you’re going to receive an invitation to see Mike’s video demonstration of how his systems work and what they can do for you. Interested? Give this a listen. Automation is the key to building passive income streams. When we talk about passive income what we’re trying to communicate is that money continues to come into your bank account even if you are not working at it ... More


How to Create Credibility if You’re Just Starting Out

Create-CredibilityTestimonials and case studies attesting to the power of your work are great ways to prove your credibility, so that your ideal clients feel confident about investing in themselves through working with you. But what if you’re just starting out in a new field or niche and you don’t have that level of evidence yet? Never fear, because here are two ways to create credibility at the beginning of a new business—and a third approach that helps entrepreneurs at every stage articulate the power of their work:  

  1. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Make sure to use all the credibility that you created in previous occupations and highlight the qualities that made you successful. Whether you spent ten years wrangling five year olds as a preschool teacher without losing your cool or you were a rocket scientist, and now you’re teaching online marketing, what were the qualities of being a preschool teacher or rocket scientist that make you the best online marketing teacher ever?
  3. Borrow from your new business category. If you’re in a
... More


Episode 34 – How to Magically Attract Your Ideal Client

Today’s guest is Dave Dee of GKIC, and his mastery is getting into the heart and mind of your customer quickly, especially using online tools. Dave inspires entrepreneurs and business owners on how to have more successful business that give them more freedom, more money, and more personal fulfillment. On today’s episode we’re going to cover the 4 most powerful questions you can use right away to identify your ideal client and create the perfect lead magnet to attract them through online methods. You’re also going to get a super cool free tool that you can use to see what search words people are using in your industry, plus learn a special technique to show you where your ideal prospect needs help and how can you communicate in a way that stands out to them. Before Dave became a master of lead collection, he started off as a professional magician. Dave received a lot of negative feedback about pursuing a profession in magic even though it was his passion, but he decided to pursue his dream anyway. After attending a conference and ... More


Strike the Right Balance of Speakers in Your Telesummit

The telesummit has been our go-to list and mojo building tool for years and has helped many of our clients go from no list to hundreds or thousands of devoted fans and followers in record time. During a telesummit a host interviews a collection of experts on a specific topic over a period of time, while a virtual audience listens or watches for free. While most telesummits end up being a huge win for the listeners, sometimes the host has the wrong balance of speaker types and the telesummit doesn’t deliver the leads or mojo that it should have. When you host your telesummit, make sure to strike the right balance of these four types of speakers: 1. Draw Speakers. If you’re following our Ultimate Telesummit Formula™, you’re looking for a total of twelve speakers: four a day for your three-day virtual event. You want to get as many people to opt-in to your telesummit as you can, because that grows your list. So, ideally, you want to have two very well-known speakers who will draw in the audience. 2. Content Speakers. Your draw ... More


Is It Time for You to Host a Telesummit?

One of the ways that I positioned myself quickly and expanded my reach widely is by using a simple tool that requires little technology, the telesummit. A telesummit is a virtual training, where a host interviews a group of experts on the same topic over a designated period of time, while a virtual audience listens for free. Hosting your own telesummit is one of the quickest ways to become known in your category and expand your reach, while creating powerful partnerships, ongoing profit, and raving fans. Are you ready to host your own telesummit and blast your mojo and your email list sky high? Here are 3 ways to tell: 1. Do you want to be known in a specific niche or expert subject area? When you interview top experts in your field, you’re setting yourself up as an authority and your audience will see you as an expert as well. In fact, hosting a telesummit can put you at the head of the line in your category virtually overnight. 2. Are you in a niche area that doesn’t use telesummits? Telesummits can be especially lucrative for ... More